Praxis II Theatre (5641)

Praxis II Theatre 5641

If you are one of the aspiring teachers who want to teach theatre for elementary and high school students, you need to take the Praxis II Theatre 5641 exam. Before one can pursue his teaching career, an individual must pass the Praxis 2 in order to get the professional teaching license. Most of the states in America require Praxis 2 tests among aspiring teachers to determine their expertise in the field they have chosen. This exam consists of 100 questions in multiple choices that are broken into sections such as creative drama, professional knowledge and instruction, production, technical and design aspects, performance, and literature, history and theory. Every examinee will be given 2 hours to finish the exam.


Creative Drama


This is the section where dramatic play is being focused. In the Praxis II Theatre 5641 exam, the examinee will be given 16 questions to answer that include topics about aesthetic judgments, dramatization, children’s literature, theatre games, movement, rhythm, clowning, puppetry, masks, and emotional and sensory perceptions.


Professional Knowledge and Instruction


The aspiring teacher’s skills in understanding of funding and community resources will be assessed in the Praxis II Theatre 5641 exam. In this section, you must be able to answer questions from different topics like professional organizations, resume preparation, counseling, employment, censorship, and freedom of expression. In this exam, you will be given 10 questions.




In the Praxis II Theatre 5641 exam, it consists of 15 questions that are extracted from diverse topics which include box office management, publicity, scheduling and season planning, and selecting a particular play for the community. Not only these, but you also have to make certain that you can give correct answers about issues concerning safety, liability and maintenance of equipment.


Technical and Design Aspects


Your knowledge and skills in costumes, lighting, props, scenery and sound will be assessed in the Praxis II Theatre 5641 exam. In this section, your skills in the artistic and technical elements of the theater will also be evaluated through 19 questions that you’ll need to answer.




It is very important aspect in teaching theater among your students if you have extensive knowledge about theater terminology, rehearsal, script analysis, casting and auditions. Therefore, the Praxis II Theatre 5641 exam will determine how much knowledge you have in the topics mentioned above. You will answer 21 questions in this section. You also have to be knowledgeable enough about emotional and sensory expression, concentration and discipline, character analysis and development, ensemble acting, voice, sensory and emotional development, breathing, dialects, and anatomy and physiology.


Literature, History and Theory


This is the section of the Praxis II Theatre 5641 exam which will assess the knowledge of the examinee about the history of the theater, representative plays, ethnic theater, authors and genres, performance architecture, theater and society, and the contact between society and theater have on each other. Since this section also covers history of theater, you need to know what had happened during the era of 1945 up to the present. Another thing that you need to study about is the modern era from 19thcentury to 1945, the neoclassical period, the 18th century and restoration, the Elizabeth period, the medieval period, the Renaissance period, the Greek and Romans periods, the socio-cultural influence of literature and the authors and genres during these times. There are 19 questions which you need to answer in this section.


Since the overage of the Praxis II Theatre 5641 exam is very broad, you need to get hold of the most effective study materials. There are wide varieties of study materials that you can choose from before you take the Praxis 2. You can opt to use flashcards, books and the most efficient study guides for the Praxis II Theatre 5641 exam.

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Praxis II Theatre

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Praxis II Theatre

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