Praxis II Teaching Reading (5204)

Praxis II Teaching Reading

Praxis 2 is very essential before one can pursue his teaching career. Those who want to teach reading, you must take the Praxis II Teaching Reading 5204 exam and make a passing score so that you will be given a professional license.  The basis of the organizations and associations in distributing professional licenses among deserving teachers depends on the result of the Praxis 2. Knowledge, skills and abilities will be measured through this test. The Praxis II Teaching Reading 5204 exam consists of 90 multiple choice questions and 3 constructed-response questions. There are several topics being covered in the multiple choice type of exam which includes Emergent Literacy (oral language & concept of print), Phonological Awareness, Alphabetic Principle/Phonics and Word Analysis, Comprehension and Fluency, and Vocabulary. The categories that will be covered in the e constructed-response questions are the Instructional Processes with sub topics instructional practices, curriculum materials, and assessment. This test has been primarily designed to support in an entry-level reading teacher licensure and adding a reading support to an existing license.


Emergent Literacy


An effective reading teacher must understand well the relationship between reading skills and language development. It the Praxis II Teaching Reading 5204 exam, the test taker will be asked several questions about oral language and concept of print. Therefore, an examinee should have profound knowledge on how environmental influences could affect the students’ oral language development and knows exactly the appropriate techniques which includes observation to evaluate the students’ print awareness.


Phonological Awareness


In the Praxis II Teaching Reading 5204 exam, there are several questions which will evaluate the teacher’s knowledge in understanding the relationship between phonemic and phonological awareness. The examinee will be asked about his knowledge in the precise and efficient instructional strategies for teaching phonological awareness skills.


Alphabetic Principle/Phonics & Word Analysis


Praxis II Teaching Reading 5204 exam will test the teacher’s ability to understand the stages of development wherein readers of all age’s steps forward through when learning to decode and encode. They must also know the types of syllables and the principles of syllabications. These are just few among the many topics you need to study in this section in order to answer the questions given in the exam.


Comprehension and Fluency


In the Praxis II Teaching Reading 5204 exam, the examinee must be able to answer the 30 multiple choice questions in this section since this is the most numbered. Examples of the topics which have been included in this section are the understanding the relationship between students’ background knowledge and comprehension; and oral reading fluency which consists prosody, automaticity, appropriate rate, and accuracy.




We all know that an effective reading teacher must possess great knowledge about vocabulary. In the Praxis II Teaching Reading 5204 exam, the examinee will answer 17 questions that is all about vocabulary which includes understanding on how common prefixes, suffixes and roots affects the meaning of a certain English word, and the proper knowledge of how to represent the use of context as a strategy to confirm a certain word meaning.


Instructional Processes


This is the section in the Praxis II Teaching Reading 5204 exam which has the constructed-response questions. This covers the 25% of the overall exam. The examinee must be knowledgeable enough with the instructional practices, curriculum material, and assessment.


Though there are topics presented above, it is still important for the test taker to get hold of the whole study materials for Teaching Reading 5204 test prep before taking Praxis 2 tests. Study materials such as books, flash cards, and study guides will help you obtain flying colors in your result of thePraxis II Teaching Reading 5204 exam.

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Praxis II Teaching Reading

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Praxis II Teaching Reading

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