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As what we have discussed earlier, Teaching Foundations are the fundamental basis in the teaching-learning process. It includes the fundamental theories and teaching methods that will serve as a guide and help in your teaching strategies of imparting knowledge to the learners. It escorts every teacher in effectively identifying the learner’s special needs in their development as it gives us a thorough understanding on the visual cues that students shows their mentors whenever there are new topics that are being introduce. With that being said, because teachers are aware of the needs and demands of their students, they will focus on that part and will align their objectives, teaching strategies, instructional activities, and assessments with the goal of having students gain knowledge and comprehension on that matter of subject.




The Praxis II Teaching Foundations Exam is divided into sub-categories which will comprise the Praxis Test series under this Subject. In this page, you will find the list of Praxis Teaching Foundations Exams that are focused on a specific subject matter such as English, Science, Mathematics and Multiple Subjects.


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The test has the purpose of evaluating the beginning teachers’ knowledge, skills and abilities about the four areas of pedagogy, namely: Science, English, Mathematics, and Multiple Subjects. Candidates must be able to display their competencies one of the four areas of pedagogy so as to pass that state certification exam and gain the teaching license. The public is more assured if the teachers teaching and imparting knowledge on the students in the elementary, middle and high school levels have attained license in teaching which will only mean that they are competent and of great value.


Various Teaching Foundations Exams include Math 0068 | English 0048 | Multiple Subjects 0528 and others.


Furthermore, the tests feature multiple-choice and constructed-response questions which would be good for approximately 2 hours more or less. These are the four areas of pedagogy in Praxis II Teaching Foundations Exams:  English 0048, Science 0438,Multiple Subjects 0528, and Praxis 2 Teaching Foundations: Mathematics 0068


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Praxis II Teaching Foundations English

Praxis II Teaching Foundations: English (0048)

Exam Code: praxis-ii-0048
Study Guide Type: Flash Cards, Exam-Secrets
In California, the Praxis II Teaching Foundations English 0048 exam will be taken by individuals who want to pursue their teaching career in English education. This is very essential if you are planning to teach English among students from seventh up to twelfth grade.  Taking Praxis 2 test is a...
Praxis II Teaching Foundations Multiple Subjects

Praxis II Teaching Foundations: Multiple Subjects (0528)

Exam Code: praxis-ii-0528
Study Guide Type: Flash Cards, Exam-Secrets
In California, those individuals who get interested in teaching multiple subjects within the extensive assortment of class levels must take the Praxis II Teaching Foundations: Multiple Subjects 0528 exam. Every aspiring teacher must take some effort in reviewing for their Praxis 2 tests in order to be...
Praxis II Teaching Foundations Mathematics

Praxis II Teaching Foundations: Mathematics (0068)

Exam Code: praxis-ii-0068
Study Guide Type: Flash Cards, Exam-Secrets
Not all individuals are good in Math because it will always be complicated; this is the reason why procedural teaching is ever needed. If you want to pursue your teaching career, you must be able to pass the Praxis 2 tests for to have a license to teach in the classroom. Praxis 2 test will assess your...
Praxis II Teaching Foundations: Science 0438

Praxis II Teaching Foundations: Science (0438)

Exam Code: praxis-ii-0438
Study Guide Type: Flash Cards, Exam-Secrets
The Praxis II Teaching Foundations Science 0438 exam will be taken by those individuals who plan to teach the foundation of science among the middle and high school students. It is true that teaching these subjects to these ages are quite challenging at the same time very fulfilling. Before one can teach,...