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Praxis II Speech-Language Pathology

The Praxis II Speech-Language Pathology 5330 Exam Overview 


The PRAXIS II Speech-Language Pathology 5330 exam are for those who are aiming to practice as a speech-language pathologist. This is the perfect exam if you want to obtain a license that allows you to be an independent practitioner on speech-language pathology. Only those who graduated and completed with a master’s degree program are suitable to take the exam. If you pass the exam, you can practice your profession on all primary employment settings, including schools, hospitals, clinics, private practice, etc.


This is a 120 multiple-item exam which should be answered within 2 hours. The PRAXIS II Speech-Language Pathology 5330 exam assesses if examinees are ready to practice the profession in all primary settings. Topics covered are related to the major practice areas of the basic human communication processes, phonological and language disorders, neurogenic disorders, audiology/hearing, clinical management, and professional issues/psychometrics /research. The praxis II exam also deals with case studies which assesses the examinees’ ability to apply their knowledge in clinical settings. The test may also include research articles that assess their ability to synthesize information and to apply it to specific examples.


Exam questions are based on national survey, commissioned by ASHA, and of speech-language pathologists in a variety of employment settings. The PRAXIS II Speech-Language Pathology 5330 exam is regularly updated to take into account new developments in the field. Like most of the exam, this test also costs $80.


Areas Of Points Under The Praxis II Speech-Language Pathology 5330 Examination


The following are the seven content categories of the exam.


Basic Human Communication


This is the first category of the praxis II exam. Examinees should study and review on certain topics on this area such as language acquisition and learning theory, language science, learning theory, multicultural awareness, and speech science. This is 17% of the total exam.


Phonological and Language Disorders


Questions on this area may be about articulation disorders as craniofacial anomalies and by oral-motor, dental, learning, or behavioral factors; phonological disorders; development, motor and linguistic processes; differentiation of normal, delayed, and disordered language development, the nature of expressive and receptive language disorders; and treatment of language delays and language disorders. Nineteen percent of the entire exam is all about this area.


Speech Disorders: Identification, Assessment, Treatment and Prevention


This area covers approximately 13% of the whole exam. This covers the fluency disorders, resonance disorders and voice disorders. Examinees should review on the theories of fluency, factors that influence the disorders, alaryngeal speech and how disorders are being assessed, treated, and prevented.


Neurogenic Disorders


There may be 23 questions on neurogenic disorders. To be able to answer all questions correctly, examinees should thoroughly review on neurological disorders and dysphagia. Subtopics may include aphasia, progressive disorders, motor speech disorders, traumatic brain injury, cognitive communication disorders, and process of swallowing, causes and effects of swallowing disorders and assessment and treatment of swallowing disorders.


Audiology and Hearing


The fifth category of the PRAXIS II Speech-Language Pathology 5330 exam is all about hearing science, audio logical assessment and auditory habilitation and rehabilitation. This has the smallest percentage of the exam which is only 5%.


Clinical Management


This may test the examinees on how well they are knowledgeable about alternative/augmentative communication, counseling, documentation and monitoring client progress, efficacy, instrumentation, speech-language assessment, speech-language intervention and syndromes and genetics. There may also be 23 questions coming from this category of the praxis II exam.


Professional Issues/Psychometrics/Research


This is the last content category of the exam. The remaining 8% of the exam deals with ethical practices, research methodology/psychometrics, and standards and laws in the delivery of services.


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Praxis II Speech-Language Pathology

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Praxis II Speech-Language Pathology

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