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Special Education Prep for Teachers for the Core Knowledge and Applications Exam 5354 Year | 14 | 2015


The PRAXIS II Special Education Core Knowledge and Applications 0354/5354 exam are for those teachers who are very interested to teach special education program at any grade level – from preschool to grade 12. This is an exam where you obtain a license to teach special education program to preschool until grade 12 students if you are able to pass. Thisexam assesses your knowledge of the basic principles of special education and the application of these principles to realistic situations.  We also have 5545 prep material for special education severe to profound applications.  Remember there are 2 types of exams for 5545 for offical exam info visit ets.org site for collection of various study guides that can help you prepare for it, feel free to browse our site, by state, by exam code, by grade levels.


What is on the Special Edu Core Knowledge exam?

There will be 120 multiple-choice questions in this praxis 2 exam. Examinees will be given 2 hours to finish the entire exam. Questions will be coming from 5 content categories namely development and characteristics of learners, planning and the learning environment, instruction, assessment and foundations and professional responsibilities. These questions address disabilities of any degree varying from mild to profound. There may be questions in this test that will not count toward your score.


What is the fee for this special ed test?


Like most of praxis II exam, the examination fee of this exam will also be $80.


Development and Characteristics of Learners


This first category is approximately 16% of the exam. Examinees must review on the human development and behavior, theoretical approaches to student learning and motivation, basic characteristics and defining factors for each of the major disability categories, impact of disabilities to certain individuals, co-occurring conditions, how family systems contribute to the development of individuals with disabilities, and the environmental and social influences on student development and achievement.


Planning and the Learning Environment


Questions from this area may include characteristics of good lesson plan, basic element of effective lesson plan, learning objectives that are measurable and appropriately challenging, means of providing access to the curriculum, organizing the learning environment, how to understand and manage students’ behaviors, theory and practice of effective classroom management and the design and maintenance of a safe and supportive classroom environment that promotes student achievement. The exam will have approximately 27 questions from the Planning and the Learning Environment content category.




This third category has the same percentage of the praxis II exam, which is at about 23%. Examinees will be ask questions about instructional strategies or techniques that are appropriate to students with disabilities, strategies that facilitate maintenance and generalization of concepts, selection and implementation of research-based interventions for such students, options for assistive technology, strategies that support transition goals, and preventive and intervention strategies for at-risk learners.




In this area, examinees should be aware of the evidence-based assessments that are affective and appropriate for students. Furthermore, they should be able to review on the uses of various assessments, how to interpret assessment results and they should be able to understand and know how use the results of assessments. This category is 18% of the entire PRAXIS II Special Education Core Knowledge and Applications 0354 exam.


Foundations and Professional Responsibilities


This is the last category of the exam and it is approximately 20% of the entire number of questions. Topics included are federal definitions, federal requirements for the pre-referral, referral, and identification, federal safeguards of the rights of the stakeholders, components of a legally defensible individualized education program, major legislation, roles and responsibilities of other professionals who deliver special education services, strengths and limitations of various collaborative approaches, communication with stakeholders, and potential bias issues that may impact the teaching and interactions with students and their families.


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Special Education 5354 Core Knowledge and Applications

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Special Education Core Knowledge and Applications

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