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Praxis II Spanish

The Praxis II Spanish Content Knowledge 5195 Examination Overview


For those teachers who are planning to teach Spanish subject, then you should be able to pass the PRAXIS II Spanish content knowledge 5195 exam. To ensure that you are suitable to teach Spanish subject to students, you should have acquired the knowledge and competencies described in the four content categories of the exam.


The exam contains 120 multiple-choice questions, based on recorded and printed materials in Spanish. This praxis II exam will be divided into 4 sections. Each section will be given an allotted time for proper pacing of answering the said exam. The exam costs $80 just like most of the exams.


The PRAXIS II Spanish Content Knowledge 5195 exam measures the examinees’ competence in various language skills and their knowledge of the cultures if Spanish-speaking regions.  The first, third and fourth sections have questions and answer choices in Spanish form. All the questions in the Interpretive Listening section, as well as the first part of the second section are based on recorded materials like on CDs. The CD will be played only once so examinees should listen attentively to the questions.


Praxis II Spanish Content Knowledge 5195 Key Points


Interpretive Listening


This is the first section of the exam wherein examinees are asked to listen to audio recordings of native Spanish speakers. The category consists of short conversations, followed by one or more questions; short narrations followed by one or more questions; and long narrations and dialogues followed by several questions. There will be approximately 32 questions that are designed to test, correct, or describe phonemic discrimination, understanding of idiomatic expressions, familiarity with vocabulary and structures typical of conversational Spanish, and comprehension of relevant cultural information contained in the spoken material. Examinees will be given approximately 30 minutes to finish the entire category.


Structure of the Language (Grammatical Accuracy)


In the second category of the PRAXIS II Spanish Content Knowledge 5195 exam, examinees are asked to recognize errors and error patterns in spoken and written Spanish and to analyze the structural components of the language, including speech analysis, writing analysis, language analysis, and grammar analysis. There will be 34 questions coming from this category and examinees are given 35 minutes for the entire category.


In Speech Analysis, examinees listen to audio recordings of spoken Spanish and identify, correct or describe the type of errors and error problems they hear.


In writing analysis, they are to identify, correct, or describe errors and error patterns in grammar; mechanics, including punctuation, spelling, and capitalization; word choice, and register passages printed in the test book.


The Language analysis portion of this category will measure the test takers ability to demonstrate knowledge of the structure of the Spanish language, including morphology, word analysis and vocabulary.


Grammar analysis, the last portion, will ask the examinees to select the most appropriate completions for sentences and short paragraphs in which words or phrases have been omitted.


Interpretive Reading


In this part of the praxis II exam, examinees will be asked to answer 31 questions in Spanish based on what has been stated or implied in the selections. Basically, there will be reading selections on a variety of topics at various levels of difficulty, from print and non-print sources such as periodicals, the Internet, advertisements, and literature.


Cultural Perspectives


All questions in this category are written in Spanish. The remaining 19% of the questions will come from this area. Questions focus the following topics: history, contemporary issues, geography, literature and the arts, lifestyle and societies of the Spanish-speaking world, and sociolinguistic elements of Spanish.


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Praxis II Spanish: Content Knowledge

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