Praxis II Social Studies: Content and Interpretation 5086 | 0086

Praxis II Social Studies Interpretation of Materials

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The Social Studies: Content and Interpretation is a 2 hours long test that consists of 90 multiple-choice questions and 3 constructed response questions. 0086 is delivered on paper while 5086 is delivered on computer. Passing score for this exam is 160 for LA and 153 for the other states. Registration fee for this exam is $139.


Summary of the Exam Contents


The Social Studies: Content and Interpretation 5086 | 0086 test examines the knowledge and skills necessary for a beginning secondary school social studies teacher. This test is designed to measure the test takers knowledgeability of social studies and his capability to apply his knowledge to the real life examples. Short-essay (constructed response) questions will be interdisciplinary, reflecting the complex relationship among the social studies fields. Some questions are based on interpreting stimulus material such as written passages, charts, maps, graphs, tables, cartoons, diagrams, and photographs.

  1. United States History

US history accounts for 18 multiple-choice questions. The topics of this range from pre European Colonization geography, demography and culture to issues such as immigration patterns and the role of US in the modern world.

  1. World History

18 MCQs will be asked from this section. The topics covered include the classical civilizations around the world in the period 1000 B.C.E to 500CE, the factors that transformed the world in the period 300 C.E. to 1400 C.E., the renaissance and enlightenment in Europe, European Colonization, Industrial Revolution, the Age of Revolutions, World Wars, Cold War and post-Cold War era, and Globalization and modern world.

  1. Government/Civics

This section also constitutes for 18 MCQs in the paper. Candidates should understand political science theory, International relations and United States government and politics.

  1. Economics

13 MCQs will be asked from Economics portion. The examinee will be tested with questions about microeconomic theory that includes concepts such as scarcity, opportunity cost, factors of production, supply and demand, market efficiency, income distribution and firm behavior etc. A basic understanding of the key macroeconomic concepts such as unemployment, inflation, GDP, money and banking and fiscal and monetary policy etc will also be tested.

  1. Geography

Geography section of the social studies paper accounts for 13 MCQs in the paper. The candidate is required to be familiar with understanding, interpreting and application of different types of maps for different types of data. Other topics covered under this section include interrelationship of humans and their environment; patterns of settlement and migration; development and changing nature of agriculture; patterns and impacts of development, industrialization, and globalization; demographic patterns and political geography.

  1. Behavioral Sciences

This section will account for 10 MCQs. The candidates are expected to have understood the importance of social interaction in the shaping of our behavior and personality.

  1. Short-Content Essays

The MCQs part of the paper amounts to 75% of the total marks. Rest of the 25% marks will be awarded for writing three equally weighted short answer/essay questions. Candidates will be judged here for their critical thinking skills, requiring the reading and interpreting of social studies materials.

How to Prepare for Social Studies: Content and Analysis 5086 | 0086 exam


Social Studies 0086 or 5086 exam is one of those praxis II exams that have too long a syllabus to cover. One can easily get lost in efforts to follow the contents of this exam and lose track of his/her precious time. So seeking help from trusted review materials won’t be a bad idea.

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You can go for Flashcard Study System. Flashcards can be extremely helpful if you have relatively short time for preparation with a busy schedule. Flashcards exploit the fact that our minds are good at learning things that are repeatedly shown to us. Flashcards are a portable resource that would teach you all the major concepts of Social Studies exam in a fun and interactive way.



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Praxis II Social Studies Interpretation of Materials

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Praxis II Social Studies Interpretation of Materials

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