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Middle School Social Studies

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5089 Social Studies Middle School grades 4-8 Exam Overview 2014 | 15

If you are one of the aspiring teachers who want to become a middle school social studies teacher, then this is the best praxis II exam you should take. The PRAXIS II Middle School Social Studies 5089 exam is based on the understanding and application of social studies knowledge, concepts, methodologies, and skills across the fields of United States History, World History, Government/Civics, Geography and Economics.  Prepare for your 2014 and 15 school year.

Percentage of content on the test 5089 CBT test


The Middle School Social Studies 5089 examination has 2 parts: Part A which composed of 90 multiple-choice questions and Part B which is composed of 3 constructed-response questions. The first part is 75% of the total exam and Part B is 25%. Questions are interdisciplinary, reflecting the complex relationship among the social studies field. Examinees will also encounter questions that are based on interpreting stimulus materials such as written passages, maps, charts, graphs, tables, cartoons, diagrams, and photographs.


Part B, which is the three equally weighted short-answer essay questions focus on the important historical events and issues as well as on fundamental social studies concepts. This part will help emphasize the examinee’s critical thinking skills since they are required to read and interpret social studies materials, draw inferences from such materials, and place these materials in their historical contexts.

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Key Points To Remember In Taking The Praxis II Middle School: Social Studies 0089 Examination


United States History


Examinees should understand the basic North American geography, peoples, and cultures prior to European colonization, understand how and why European colonies in North America, origin of American Revolution, the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights and the like. Examinees should also know and understand the impacts of racial, gender, and ethnic divisions throughout American history. This is 19% of the entirepraxis II exam.


World History


This is 15% of the entire praxis II examination. Examinees should study about the classical civilizations of Greece, Rome, Persia, India, and China; political, social and economic developments of the mentioned countries; revolution, nationalism, and imperialism; consequences of the First and Second World Wars and the Cold War; and other topics related to the world history. They should also understand how scientific inquiry, technological innovations, and adaptations shape world societies.




This category concerns the origin, development, interpretations and ongoing impact of the United States constitution; major characteristics of different political system; relationship between political system and economic conditions; how election operated in the United States; and the rights, responsibilities and duties of citizens. This category is also 14% of the total number of questions.




Approximately 14% of the exam is all about the concept on geography. Examinees should have the knowledge on how to use and interpret various types of maps, and demonstrate various types of physical features on the Earth’s surface. Furthermore, examinees should also know about spatial patterns of culture, basic concepts of political biology, and the basic climate, ecosystems and natural resources.




Examinees should understand the concept of microeconomics and macroeconomics. This area of the praxis II is 13% of the total questions. They should be knowledgeable on the topics on scarcity, opportunity costs, economic systems, international trade and more. Examinees should also demonstrate understanding of gross domestic product, principle of supply and demand, how unemployment is measured, and the types of market structures.


Short Content Essays


This is the last content category of the PRAXIS II Middle School Social Studies 0089exam. Questions are designed to test knowledge of history and social studies and the ability to define and clarify issues, judge information and draw conclusion. This is 25% of the overall praxis II exam. Each of the three questions in the test will have both a history and as social studies component.


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