Social Studies

Social Studies is the "integrated study of then social sciences and humanities to promote civic competence," as defined by the U.S. American National Council for the Social Studies. Social studies is most commonly recognized as the name of a course or set of courses taught in primary and secondary schools or elementary, middle, and secondary schools, but may also refer to the study of aspects of human society at certain post-secondary and tertiary schools around the globe. Many such courses are interdisciplinary and draw upon various fields, including sociology but also political science, history, economics, religious studies, geography, psychology, anthropology, and civics.


At the elementary school level, social studies generally focus on the local community and family. By middle and high school, the social studies curriculum becomes more discipline-based and content-specific. Social studies vary greatly as a subject between countries and curricula and is not synonymous with sociology or social science; some courses borrow heavily from the social and political sciences, whereas others are created independently for schools.


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Praxis II Social Studies

Praxis II Social Studies

SOCIAL STUDIES AS THE MATTER OF SUBJECT   We have already learned that Social Studies is the \"integrated study of the social sciences and humanities to promote civic competence,\" as defined by the U.S. American National Council for the Social Studies. And is most commonly...