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Praxis II School Psychologist 0401

The Praxis II School Psychologist 0401 Examination


To individuals who are dedicated to work as a school psychologist, they should be able to take and pass the PRAXIS II School Psychologist 0401 exam. This is a test designed for candidates who want to serve as school psychologists in educational settings. Only those who have supervised practicum or internship experience are suitable to take this exam.


This is a 120 multiple-choice exam with questions that focus on both content and process issues that are relevant in the school setting. The cost of this praxis II exam is $80.


The PRAXIS II School Psychologist 0401 exam has six main content categories. All questions revolve around these six categories. The six categories are data-based decision making, research-based academic practices, research-based behavioral and mental health practices, consultation and collaboration, applied psychological foundations, and ethical, legal and professional foundations. In measuring these categories, a variety of contexts are being used: consultation, assessment, intervention, research, professional standards, and in-service training. Some questions in the praxis 2 exam may not count toward the examinee’s score.


Key Points About The School PSychologist 0401 Examination


Data-Based Decision Making


Examinees should be knowledgeable on topics about problem identification, assessment or problem analysis, assessment considerations for special populations, and research, statistics and program evaluation. This category of the praxis II exam has the biggest percentage value which is 35%.


Research-Based Academic Practices


Some of the topics involved in the questions are about effective instruction, instructional strategies, issues related to academic success or failure, factors related to academic progress, and academic interventions. This is 12% of the entire examination.


Research-Based Behavioral and Mental Health Practices


Questions in this area are about primary, secondary and tertiary preventive strategies, school-based intervention skills or techniques, crisis prevention or intervention, and child and adolescent psychopathology. This content category is 16% of the exam questions.


Consultation and Collaboration


Examinees should read and study the models and methods of consultation, school and system organization and policy development, and home/school/community collaboration. They should have the knowledge on how to work with families, with school personnel, and how to utilize resources.  It is 12% of the PRAXIS II School Psychologist 0401exam.


Applied Psychological Foundation


Knowledge on the general psychological principles, theories, and on major research findings are needed to be able to pass this category. Furthermore, examinees should also know about the measurement theory and principles. It is 13% of the exam.


Ethical, Legal and Professional Foundations


If you are to work as professional school psychologists, you should know about this last category of the praxis II exam. Ethical principles and standards of practice are very important when you work as professional that is why it is included as part of the exam. Examinees should be aware that their choices and movements won’t break the ethical and legal principles. They should also be aware on the laws, codes, and regulations governing the practice of school psychology. This last part of the PRAXIS II School Psychologist 0401 exam is 12% of the exam questions.


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