School Leaders Licensure Assessment (6011)

SLLA  Study Guide

The School Leaders Licensure Assessment (6011) Exam is given to entry-level teachers who want to be an educational leader. The test is computer-delivered and should be taken for about 4 hours. The four-hour assessment is divided into separately timed sections: for section I it would take an examinee of approximately 2 hours and 20 minutes to accomplish a 100 multiple-choice questions; while section II only takes about 1 hour and 40 minutes to answer 7 questions that are in the form of constructed-response. The constructed-response questions are based on scenarios and sets of documents that an education leader might encounter. Each of the seven constructed-response questions in the test focuses on a specific content area related to the standards addressed in ISLLC 2008.


 In answering the questions, candidates are required to analyze situations and data which would all be about the vision and goals for teaching and learning – creating, developing/revising, implementing it with high, measurable expectations for all students and educators .

 An educational leader must also be able to engage the staff and the community members with diverse perspectives to implement the vision and achieve goals which means candidates must also be able to identify individuals with diverse perspectives from the internal and external communities and the strategies that should be used to engage internal and external communities with diverse perspectives to implement the vision and goals so that they group can be able to use a data system and multiple sources of data to conduct the needed analysis in identifying unique strengths, needs, gaps, and areas of improvement for students and teachers.


It is also important to have the understanding that as a leader, you should be made aware of the welfare of the team, thus, examinees must know how to create opportunities and a safe environment in which the staff can examine their own beliefs, values, and practices about teaching and learning. In this way, you would become an effective educational leader who will also be able to guide and monitor individual teacher professional development plans and progress for continuous improvement of teaching and learning.


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