Praxis II Psychology (5391)

Praxis II Psychology 5391

The Praxis II Psychology (5391) Exam has the sole purpose of evaluating all entry-level psychology educators if they have the standards-relevant knowledge, skills, and abilities believed necessary for competent professional practice in the Educational Sector. The same as with all other series of Praxis Exams; the Praxis II Psychology (5391) Exam is composed of 120 multiple-choice questions good for 2 hours to be completed.


Methods, Approaches, Ethics, and Assessment


Under the first part of the Praxis II Psychology (5391) Exam; questions will be all about the history and approaches in Psychology; the basic psychological research principles; and as well as the basic principles of psychological assessment.


Biopsychology, Sensation and Perception, and States of Consciousness


Candidate should be able to display understanding in the basic neuronal structures and functions; the clinical and technological methods for studying the brain; structure and function of the endocrine system; the concept that heredity, evolution, and environment influence behavior; basic sensory concepts and processes; perceptual concepts and processes and how the interaction of the person and environment determine perception; perceptual concepts and processes and how the interaction of the person and environment determine perception; and the basic characteristics and theories of sleep and dreaming.


Life Span Development and Individual Differences


As a psychology teacher; one must be equipped with the skills and understanding of basic principles and theories of physical, sensory, and perceptual development; the principles and theories of emotional, social, and moral development; and of the historical and contemporary theories of intelligence.


Learning, Memory, and Cognition


Examinees must take into consideration that they should be aware of the importance of having the comprehension on the basic principles of learning; principles of classical conditioning; the principles of operant conditioning; the roles of cognition and culture in learning; the basic processes of memory; the characteristics of memory; the biological bases of memory; and the concept of constructive memory as these topics will be comprising the fourth section of the entire exam.


Personality, Social Psychology, Motivation and Emotion, and Stress


In order to be an effective psychological teacher, they should be able to apprehend the different personalities and traits that a student will bring into their classrooms. Thus, it is advisable to take into consideration the relevancy of being able to understand the personality approaches and theories; the basis of attributions and attitudes; the influences on thought and behavior of peers; factors that influence the development and maintenance of interpersonal relationships; basic motivational concepts and theories of motivation; the influence of biology, learning, and cultural factors on motivation and emotion; the interaction of the physiological, affective, cognitive, and behavioral aspects of emotions; familiarity of the sources of stress; the physiological and psychological reactions to stress; and the appropriate cognitive and behavioral strategies for dealing with stress and promoting health.


Psychological Disorders and Treatment


Every candidate must know the significant of being familiar with the characteristics of psychological disorders and the factors that contribute to their development; the major categories of psychological disorders; the common methods used to treat individuals with disorders; and the types of practitioners who implement treatment as these items will be of great help in order to pass through successfully on the last part of the examination of the Praxis II Psychology (5391) Exam.


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