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Praxis II Psychology (0390)

The Praxis II Psychology 0390 Examination Overview


To those who are interested or would want to teach psychology subject to secondary schools, then this exam can be your access to your goal. The PRAXIS II Psychology 0390 exam is designed to test the knowledge and skills of examinees seeking to teach psychology to high schools students.


The PRAXIS II Psychology 0390 exam is composed of 120 multiple-choice questions and should be answered in 2 hours. The examination fee is $80. Questions in the exam assess basic knowledge and the application of psychological principles to complex situations. The exam contains approximately 70% comprehension and 30% involves the application of principles.


Points To Remember About The Psychology Exam 0390


There are 5 content categories in this praxis II exam which includes human growth and development; social psychology, personality, and abnormal psychology; research methodology and statistics; learning, motivation and emotion; and physiological psychology, cognition, and sensation and perception. The test may contain questions that will not count toward your score.


Human Growth and Development


This is 20% of the entire PRAXIS II Psychology 0390 exam. Questions on this area includes language development during infancy and early childhood; physical and motor development during infancy to adolescence; personality development; cognitive development; emotional development; social development; aging, dying, and death; genetic determinants of behavior; intellectual development; and prenatal development and birth.


Social Psychology, Personality, and Abnormal Psychology


This area of the praxis 2 exam contains questions on major theories of psychology, defense mechanisms, types and characteristics of disorders, major techniques of therapy, the different issues on normality versus abnormality, and about social determinants of behavior. This has the same percentage value as the previous category.


Research Methodology and Statistics


Questions may revolve around the methods of inquiry, data collection, interpretation of data, and the role of statistics in psychology. This has the smallest percentage value which is 15% of the overall praxis II exam.


Learning, Motivation, and Emotion


Examinees may encounter questions regarding classical conditioning, operant conditioning, different states of consciousness, and types of emotion. This is 20% of the entire exam questions.


Physiological Psychology, Cognition, and Sensation and Perception


This is approximately 25% of the praxis II exam, and questions in this area are about physiological determinants of behavior, perception, sensory processes, thought processes, and information processing. Examinees should read and understand these topics and every subtopic it contain.


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Praxis II Psychology

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Praxis II Psychology

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