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Praxis II Professional School Counselor 5421

The Praxis II Professional School Counselor 5421 Examination Overview


Are you a beginning teacher who wants to enter as a School Counselor? Then, you should need to meet the criterion of you licensing state in order for you to become a Professional School Counselor! Part of the criterion is for you to pass the Praxis II Professional School Counselor (5421) Exam to which the cost would be for about $115. The exam is good for 2 hours and has 120 multiple-choice questions that an entry-level teacher would need to complete in the specified amount of time. The Professional School Counselor (5421) Exam is a challenge for all new teachers to overcome as this is a part of the state’s requirement just to ensure that all school counselors are equipped with the knowledge, skills and abilities in order to become an effective school counselor for the children.


Key Points Under Praxis II Professional School Counselor 5421 Examination


History and Role of the Professional School Counselor


Within the Exam, an examiner has must have familiarity with the development of school guidance and counseling as this would definitely be included in the exam. The examiner must also have an understanding of the current American School Counselor Association (ACSA) National Model: A Framework for School Counseling Programs as this would guide them in their job as a school counselor. Furthermore, having awareness about the roles of counselor, leader, advocate, collaborator, consultant, and coordinator is very relevant as this would also take a number of items in the exam.


Human Growth and Development


Under this section, an examiner should already know the major theories regarding physical development, cognitive development, personality and emotional development throughout the human life span, as this would cover most parts in the first part of the test. Also, candidates should be aware of some major theories regarding family systems as it also takes impart on the exam and having awareness about these theories are of great importance if they will become a certified professional school counselor.




An entry-level teacher must bear in mind that it is relevant to gain comprehension on the need for self-awareness of personal biases and limitations that may affect the counseling relationship and familiarity with the American Counseling Association (ACA) Code of Ethics as this would greatly help if you are taking the Praxis II Professional School Counselor (5421) Exam.


Legal Issues


Under this parameter is more on having knowledge and understanding about the role of the professional school counselor in relation to the Americans with Disabilities, to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act I advocating for student’s legal rights, the Buckley Amendment and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 and its impact on the student and parent rights.


Guidance and Counseling


The second part of the exam is more on gauging the candidates about their familiarity with the basic methods of analyzing student behavior, apprehension on the appropriate usage of a variety of technological resources to deliver school guidance and counseling services, application of different theories of group counseling and techniques of educational planning, and processes of career development and planning for students at each level.


Consultant and Collaboration


A school counselor must have an in depth apprehension of their roles in the support of the development and implementation of student service plans as this would be take a few questions in the examination. Understanding of basic characteristics of consultation, theories and techniques of consultation models, and characteristics of effective collaborative relationships is also a must in passing through this part of the exam.




The third section of the exam is to assess the candidates if they are knowledgeable on the usage of technology to manage and evaluate professional school counseling programs as it is an integral part of the total educational process. They should also know how to design, develop and implement a comprehensive professional school counseling technique as this will definitely come out of the test.




Under the last segment of the examination, school counselors must know the need for accountability in a professional school counseling program, the goals and methods of evaluating achievement, program effectiveness, and student outcomes, and on how to apply data analysis results for program evaluation.


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