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Short Overview Of The Praxis II Learning And Teaching Early Childhood 5621 Exam | More Insights About Related Exams Such As 0622, 0623, 0624, 5021, 5022, 5023 and 5024


The Teaching License is an assurance to the public that the person holding the license possesses sufficient knowledge and skills to perform great in the delivery of quality education to the students in the United States. But, in order for a new teacher graduate to get the certification, they need to pass the Praxis II Principles of Learning and Teaching: Early Childhood (5621) Exam for them to be permitted to teach children in the primary sector. The Praxis II Principles of Learning and Teaching: Early Childhood (5621) Exam is a 2 hour period test that is mainly composed of 70 Multiple-Choice Questions and 4 Constructed-Response Questions. We do not only provide information points about this examination, but we also cater to the needs of those who will take related examinations such as the Principles of Learning and Teaching 0622, 0623 and 0624 which are all paper-delivered tests and the computerized examinations like the Principles of Teaching and Learning 5621,5622, 5623 and 5624.


Key Points Under The Exam In Praxis II Principles of Learning And Teaching Early Childhood 5621


Student Development and the Learning Process

Understanding about the theoretical foundations of how students learn and the key concepts and terms related to the varieties of learning theories is an integral part for teachers to be able to plan their strategies well in conducting classes.


Students as Diverse Learners

Candidates should be aware that students are distinctively unique so they have to be equipped with the comprehension of identifying the variables that affect how a student learns for them to perform excellently.


Student Motivation and Learning Environment

A teacher must know the importance of the foundational motivation theories for instruction, learning, and classroom management so as to be able to stimulate the students’ interests.


Instructional Strategies

Educators must understand the cognitive processes associated with learning for them to effectively use instructional materials and strategies to support student learning.


Questioning Techniques

Effective questioning methods and techniques are relevant for an instructor as this would greatly impact the students in classes. With proper usage, teachers are able to encourage the students to engage in the class discussions, and group activities, etc.


Communication Techniques

Communication is the most important part in teaching. How will teachers be able to impart the knowledge that they have to their students is what greatly bothers the teachers as it is their role to enrich the minds of the children. A candidate should have be able to display understanding of various verbal and nonverbal communication modes and as well as communication tools that will be used for enhance the learning environment.


Assessment and Evaluation Strategies and Assessment Tools

Assessments are a way for an educator to determine if students are learning and performing well on their classes. A teacher should know how to create and select appropriate assessments strategies and tools to effectively evaluate a student’s performance.


Professional Development, Leadership, and Community

Every teacher should know that their role not only ends within the school premises. A candidate should instill in their minds that teachers are not just educational leaders but as well as community leaders, therefore, it should be a must for candidates to know their exact role not just in the classroom, school, but even in the community.


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