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Praxis II Pre-Kindergarten Education

If you want to teach young children in school, this is the perfect praxis II exam to take. The PRAXIS II Prekindergarten Education 5531 exam are for potential teachers who want to share their knowledge and abilities to the young ones, aging 2 to 5 years old.


The exam is composed of 100 multiple-choice questions and the examinee is given 2 hours to answer these questions. The PRAXIS II Prekindergarten Education 5531exam assesses the examinee’s knowledge about pedagogy and content, the relationship of theory to practice, and how theory can be applied in the educational setting. There are also questions about multicultural influences; diversity; variations in development, including atypical development; and how they affect children’s development and learning.


This praxis II exam revolves around 5 content categories: Early childhood development; teaching and supporting diverse children; creating a developmentally appropriate learning environment; teaching and learning; and professionalism, family and community. Most of the questions are related to children ages two to five but the test may also contains questions that require examinee’s knowledge of children’s development at earlier and later ages. The test may contain questions that will not count toward your score.


The test was designed to align with the National Association for the Education of Young Children’s NAEYC Standards for Early Childhood Professional Preparation (2009).


Early Childhood Development


Examinees should have the knowledge on the typical progression in each developmental domain of children; external factors that influence physical, cognitive, social and emotional development; theories of family and community and their impact on the child’s development; major theories of learning; factors that influence language and literacy development; and warning sign of common medical conditions and basic first aid procedures. This is 17% of the entire praxis II exam.


Teaching and Supporting Diverse Children


This area is approximately 14% of the entire examination. Questions in this area are about areas of exceptionality and its potential impact on a child’s learning; implications of current federal legislation related to children with exceptionalities; variety of approaches for accommodating such children’s need; and how to integrate a multicultural and an anti-bias curriculum into the early childhood environment.


Creating a Developmentally Appropriate Learning Environment


To be able to answer the 20 questions in this category, examinees should have the knowledge on how to create a literacy-rich environment, how the arrangement of multisensory indoor and outdoor spatial environments create an impact to the child’s development, how to arrange the environment to provide opportunities for children to learn and so much more.


Teaching and Learning


To answer questions under this praxis II exam category, examinees should understand the role of standards and frameworks in instructional planning; how scope and sequence affect planning; knows how to create an observable and measurable goal; understand the role of resources and materials for planning; and knows a variety of techniques to support children’s learning. This has the biggest percentage which is 25% of the overall examination.


Professionalism, Family and Community


The remaining 24% of the PRAXIS II Prekindergarten Education 5531 exam are questions related to variety of methods used for partnering with families in the educational process, ways to partner with the community on such process, and ways on how to advocate for children.


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 Praxis II Pre-Kindergarten Education

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 Praxis II Pre-Kindergarten Education

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