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Praxis II Government/Political Science

The PRAXIS II Government/ Political Science 0930 exam is designed for those who want to be government or political science teachers in secondary schools. The exam is designed to assess examinee’s knowledge and ability to teach such subject.


The exam is composed of 120 multiple-choice questions. Examinees will be given 2 hours to finish the examination. This will cost the examinee $80. The questions in the PRAXIS II Government/ Political Science 0930 exam will assess examinee’s knowledge on the major concepts, theories, historical developments, and facts of government and political science across the content areas of U.S constitutional theory and development; U.S. government institutions; the politics of U.S. government; and comparative politics, government, ideologies, and public policies. In this praxis II test, only 100 questions will be used for scoring. The remaining 20 questions will be used as pretest questions and will not be scored.


United States Constitutional Theory and Development: Civil Rights; Landmark Court Decisions


This category has the lowest percentage value in the exam. About 12% of the questions are from this area. This area includes topics such as the foundations of constitutional development, the Constitutional Convention, the Constitution, and civil rights and landmark decisions. To be able to understand these concepts, examinees must read about Anglo-Saxon tradition and common law, the Declaration of Independence, structure and weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation, federalism, limited government, and separation of powers, Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Supreme Court decisions, and the impact of the Fourteenth Amendment on the development of civil rights and civil liberties.


United States Government: Federal, State, and Local Institutions


Examinees must have an idea about the executive branch, legislative branch, and judicial branch of the government. Furthermore, they should study about who qualifies for such branches, powers and limitation, methods of qualification and selection, the role of the bureaucracy, and the branches’ structure and processes. In line with this category are questions about the state and local government and the relationship among federal, state, and local institutions. This is about 52% of the overall exam questions. This has the largest percentage in this entire praxis II exam.


United States Politics: Political Parties, Interest Groups, Campaigns and Elections, Political Participation, Political Socialization, and Public Opinion


This is the third category and it is approximately 19% of the total questions. Questions include the roles and functions of political parties, the cause and effect of having a two-party system, characteristics and activities of interest groups, effects of interest groups, campaign issues, election issues, structure and strategies of campaign and election, transmission of political values through agents, and the impact of public opinion on the political process.


Comparative Politics: Government, Ideologies, and Public Policies


The remaining 17% of the questions are about the nature of political systems, nature of economic systems, relationships between national governments and supranational organizations, Marxism, fascism, nationalism, and the definition, process and policy areas of public policy.


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Praxis II Government Political Science

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Praxis II Government Political Science

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