Exam Info for Physics Content Knowledge (5265) Teaching Certification for Science

Praxis II Physics: Content Knowledge 5265

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Prepare for your Science Subject Physics Content Knowledge Exam 5265 Teaching Certification 


Those who are interested in teaching middle or high school physics may be required by their licensing state to pass the Physics Content-Knowledge (5265) before receiving a valid teacher’s license.


To study for the Physics: Content-Knowledge (5265) Exam, teachers should review these general topics:


Key Topics and Review for 5265 Examination 


Specific modern physics’ questions on the Physics: Content-Knowledge (5265) test code concern the Michelson-Morley experiment, Lorentz transformations, de Broglie's hypothesis, the Bohr model, and Rutherford scattering, among other topics.


    • ab safety,
    • data manipulation,
    • science history,
    • natural resources,
    • disposable consumer products,
    • energy production,
    • instructional materials in the physics classroom,
    • equipment calibration,
    • error analysis,
    • drawing conclusions
    • scientific notation,
    • measurement systems, and
    • scientific theories.


Science Physics 5265 Test Prep help


The thermodynamics and heat portion of the  Physics: Content-Knowledge (5265) Exam deals with temperature and the laws of thermodynamics, the Carnot cycle, entropy, absolute zero, thermal expansion, thermocouples, kinetic molecular theory, and vaporization, as well as other concepts. Snell's law, refraction, reflection, inference, harmonics, air columns, the Doppler effect, polarization, resonance, natural frequencies, longitudinal and transverse waves, Rayleigh scattering, Snell's law, transmission, and wavelength are among the ideas tested in the exam’s waves and optics section.


The magnetism and electricity portion of the exam pertains to a variety of topics, including electromagnetic induction, generators, batteries, Ohm's law, inductance, series and parallel circuits, Kirchhoff's rules, Coulomb's law, Gauss's law, electrical forces, conduction, induction, and electrical energy potential. Finally, the mechanics part of the Physics Content-Knowledge (5265) Exam covers Bernoulli's principle, Archimedes' principal, Pascal's law, Kepler's laws of orbits, Newton's law of orbital motion and universal gravitation, Hooke's law, and Galilean relativity, as well as other concepts.

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