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Praxis II Physical Science 0481

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The PRAXIS II Physical Science content knowledge 0481 exam are for aspiring teachers who want to teach physical sciences to high school students. The exam measures their fundamental knowledge common to physics and chemistry. Examinees should have completed or nearly completed a bachelor’s degree in one of the physical sciences with an appropriate coursework in education.


The praxis II exam is composed of 60 multiple-choice questions. Examinees are given a maximum time of 1 hour to finish the entire exam. The questions in the PRAXIS II Physical Science Content Knowledge 0481 exam address examinee’s scope of knowledge in topics common to physics and chemistry, embracing scientific principles, facts, methodology, philosophy, laboratory procedures, and data manipulation. Using of calculators upon taking the examination is prohibited. The examination fee is $65.


The test questions are based on three content categories: methodology: math, measurement, data, and science, technology and society; laboratory procedures and safety, and matter and energy; and heat and thermodynamics, and atomic and nuclear structure. Examinees may encounter questions that are more advance in nature and subject matter from a more advanced viewpoint than what it presented to the students.


The test booklet given to the examinees contains periodic chart of elements and a table of information that presents various physical constants and a few conversion factors among SI units where they can base upon answering the questions.


Methodology; Math, Measurement, Data; Science, Technology, and Society


The first area of the PRAXIS II Physical Science Content Knowledge 0481 exam are questions related to scientific methodology and philosophy which includes scientific methods, science process skills, experimental design and historical roots of science; measurement and notation systems, data presentation and interpretation; and the impact of science and technology on the environment and human affairs, uses of science and technology in daily life, and more. This is 33% of the entire praxis 2 exam. Additional information can be found about its related exam which is the praxis ii physical science 0483!


Key Points Under The Praxis II Physical Science: Content Knowledge 0481 Examination


Laboratory Procedures and Safety


This has the largest percentage of the entire praxis II exam which is approximately 37%. Questions include topics about safe preparation, storage, use, and disposal of laboratory and field materials, selection and use of appropriate laboratory equipment, and emergency procedures for laboratory accidents. Furthermore, examinees can also find questions regarding organization of matter, physical and chemical properties, forms and transformations of matter and energy, and conservation of mass/energy.


Heat and Thermodynamics; Atomic and Nuclear Structure


The remaining 30% of the praxis 2 exam are questions about measurement an transfer of thermal energy and its effects on matter, kinetic molecular theory and gas laws, laws of thermodynamics, atomic models, radioactivity, atom structure and spectra, and electromagnetic radiation.


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Praxis II Physical Science: Content Knowledge

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