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Praxis II Middle School Science

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Praxis II Middle School Science 0439 Examination Overview | Valuable Information Are Available For Related Exams Like Middle School 0069, 0049, 0146, 0089, 5146, 5047, 5049, 5169, 5141, 5440 and 5089


This is the perfect exam for individuals who are planning to teach science subjects in middle school. The PRAXIS II Middle School Science 0439 exam is designed to measure the knowledge of scientific principles, facts, methodology, philosophy, scientific concepts and the ability to integrate basic knowledge from all of the sciences. As teachers, they are to understand the subject from a more advanced viewpoint than what is actually presented to the students.


The praxis II exam is divided into two parts: Part A and B. The Part A of this exam is composed of 90 multiple-choice questions and Part B has 3 constructed-response questions. Examinees are given 2 hours to finish the entire exam. This will cost the examinee $90.


Approximately 75% of the entire score comes from the multiple choice part while the remaining 25% is from the short constructed-response which is Part B.


Examinees may encounter questions that are more advanced in nature. These questions deal with topics introduced in freshmen college-level courses in chemistry, physics, life science, and earth or space sciences. Examinees should have variety of abilities such as the ability to understand definition of terms, comprehension of critical concepts, application, and analysis, and to address and solve problems. Some questions may require the examinee to integrate concepts from more than one content area. There may be questions in the exam that will not count toward your score.


The three essay questions in the PRAXIS II Middle School Science 0439 exam assess the examinee’s ability to use and analyze critical concepts in science and to integrate knowledge from science, technology, and society. In each edition of the test, one questions will deal with a topic in each of the following content areas: Physical Sciences (Chemistry/Physics), Life Sciences, and Earth or Space Sciences. A description of the topics in these content areas is the same with what is described in Part A or the multiple choice part. In addition, the questions will also assess each of the following skills: Concepts and models (1 question); data analysis, experimental design, and investigations (1 questions); and systems for another question. Learn some very informative knowledge about related examinations like the praxis ii middle school 0069, 0049, 0146, 0089, 5146, 5047, 5049, 5169, 5141, 5440 and 5089!



Praxis II Middle School Science 0439 Exam Key Points


The PRAXIS II Middle School Science 0439 exam has 6 content categories: Scientific Methodology, techniques, and history; basic principles; physical sciences; life sciences; Earth/space sciences; science, technology, and society.


Scientific Methodology, Techniques, and History


This is the first category of the praxis II exam. It covers questions on scientific methods of problem solving, scientific facts, scientific measurement, scientific data collection, laboratory procedures for safe preparation, laboratory and field equipment, and about emergency procedures for the science classroom and laboratory. This is 8% of the total number of questions.


Basic Principles


Questions in this category are about matter and energy – its structure and properties, changes of matter, conservation of mass/energy, and energy transformations. It also includes topics on heat and thermodynamics and atomic and nuclear structure. This is 11% of the total praxis 2 questions.


Physical Sciences


This includes physics, electricity and magnetism, waves, periodicity, The Kinetic Theory and States of Matter, chemical reactions, solutions and solubility. Examinees must demonstrate knowledge on these concepts to be able to answer the entire 18% of the questions.


Life Sciences


Life Sciences category includes topics about the cell, genetics, evolution, diversity of life, plants, animals, and ecology. Examinees should read about the structure and function of organelles, cell cycle, chemical reactions and the like. They should also study on DNA replication, theory of evolution, levels of organization and characteristics of life, structure of plants, life functions of organisms, population dynamics and others. This area is about 15% of the overall questions.


Earth or Space Sciences


Questions in this category are about physical geology, historical geology, oceanography, meteorology, and astronomy. Examinees should read and review on the process of mineral and rock formation, methods used to classify minerals, structure of the Earth, principle of uniformitarianism, geographic location of oceans and seas, structure of the atmosphere, major theories of origin and structure of the universe, and more. This area is also 15% of the whole praxis 2 questions.


Science, Technology and Society


To be able to answer the remaining 8% of Part A questions, examinees should demonstrate understanding of the uses and applications of science and technology in daily life and demonstrate understanding of the social, political, ethical and economic issues arising from the use of certain technologies and the impact of science and technology on the environment and human affairs.


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