Pass the PRAXIS 2 Middle School Content Knowledge Exam 5146

Praxis ii Mathematics

Relevancy Exams:

Those interested in becoming licensed middle school math teachers are usually required to pass the PRAXIS 2 Middle School Math Exam, which consists of 40 multiple choice questions and three relatively short written responses.

The multiple choice portion of the PRAXIS II Middle School Math Exam is worth 67 percent of the total test score. Ten of the questions regard discrete math and statistical concepts as well as probability and data.

The concepts tested in this portion of the test include dispersion; standard deviation; range and spread of data; mean, median, and mode; probability; geometric probability; finite sample spaces; data analysis; and drawing conclusions from data. Eight questions deal with functions and their graphs. While prepping for the PRAXIS II Middle School Math Exam in regard to this portion of the test, teachers should review algebraic expressions, equations, domain values, applying math models in multiple situations, notations, functions, plane and function graphs, exponential and quadratic function, absolute value, and step and linear function.


Ten additional multiple choice questions regard measurement and geometry. When preparing for the PRAXIS II Middle School Math Exam in regard to this section of the test, examinees should review metric and English systems, polygons, points, lines, angles, rotations, reflections, sectors, circles, arcs, squares, rectangles, trapezoids, parallelograms, triangles, parameter, surface area, and volume of spheres, solids, cylinders, cones, prisms and combinations of forms, and the Pythagorean theorem. Twelve additional questions deal with basic algebra and math concepts: inequalities with fewer than two variables, nonlinear equations, absolute value, quadratic equations, line equations, formulas, polynomials, algebraic fractions, operations entailing negative exponents, fractionals, radicals, complex numbers, rational numbers, fundamental mathematical processes, numerical multiplicative and additive inverses, finite real numbers, real numbers classification, complex, rational and irrational numbers, decimals, powers, roots, proportion, and percentages.

The free response section of the PRAXIS 2 Middle School Math Exam is worth 33 percent of the total score. It includes problem solving exercises that test would-be teachers in reasoning and proof, arguments, and technology. Their abilities in expressing, joining, applying and analyzing math concepts and/or data are also tested. Graphing calculators are allowed in both sections of the exam.

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Praxis II Middle School: Content Knowledge

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Praxis II Middle School: Content Knowledge

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