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Praxis II Mathematics

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Exam Overview On The Praxis II Mathematics: Content Knowledge 0061 | Find Out More About Related Examinations Like the Mathematics 0063, 0065, 5061 and 5161


Persons interested in teaching high school math are usually required by their licensing state to take the PRAXIS II Mathematics Content Knowledge Exam.

Ordinarily, these individuals also hold a bachelor’s degree in math and have completed or are in the process of completing their student teaching in a high school math classroom.


The two-hour test, which contains 50 multiple choice questions, requires a graphing calculator. It is made up of seven sections that cover the following topics: technology use, math representation, math reasoning and proof, math problem solving, discrete math, matrix algebra, and algebra number theory. Get helpful insights about other related examinations under mathematics - the math 0063 and 0065 are paper-delivered examinations while the 5061 and 5161 are computerized examinations!


Passing Score Info about 5161 Math Content Knowledge Exam and Percentage


Percentage of

Number and Quantity, Algebra, Functions,
and Calculus 41  questions 68%

Geometry, Probability and Statistics, and
Discrete Mathematics  19  32%

Passing Score 160


Learn More About The Praxis II Mathematics: Content Knowledge 0061 State Teaching Certification Exam


Test takers must answer questions regarding problem solving, reasoning, proofs, arguments, linear equations, and graphing. To do well on the test, students should engage in PRAXIS II Mathematics: Content Knowledge Exam prep that includes a review of other more specific math skills and concepts, such as the following:


  • organizing, communicating, and recording math ideas,
  • interpreting social, physical, and math phenomena,
  • the investigation of math conjectures,
  • solving problems using math in diverse subject areas,
  • reasoning the inverses of matrices with determinants,
  • scalar multiplication of matrices,
  • finding the inverses of matrices,
  • problem solving in two and three dimensions,
  • solving and graphing equations and inequalities, and
  • comparing and contrasting properties.


Those preparing for the upcoming state certfication exam must have an exam review on mathematics content knowledge 0061 as it is one of the most deemed difficult exam. But you waon't have to worry about it, because our praxis ii mathematics content knowledge 0061 study guides have been designed to give you the most helpful tips and information to overcome it.

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Praxis II Mathematics

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Praxis II Mathematics

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