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Praxis II Mathematics Pedagogy

Praxis II Mathematics Pedagogy 0065 Exam | Other Mathematics Related Exams Are Math 0061, 0063, 5061 and 5161


Those who are pursuing a career in middle or high school math instruction are often required to take and pass the PRAXIS II Mathematics Pedagogy Exam in order to obtain their state teaching license.


The test is comprised of three essay questions regarding the following topics: instructional planning; teaching strategies and applications; and instructional assessment. Examinees are allotted an hour to answer all questions and may use a calculator.


In order to prepare for the PRAXIS II Mathematics: Pedagogy Exam, test takers should review the major elements of lesson planning and delivery, including the best practices for designing lessons, implementing instruction and assessing the effectiveness of a lesson. Just some additional helpful information for you! Here on our website, you are not able to find only the exams that your preparing for but also other related examinations that maybe helpful for you and these are the praxis ii math 0061, 0063, 5061 and 5161 exams!


Tips To Pass The Praxis II Mathematics Pedagogy 0065 Exam


In regard to the science of specifically teaching math, also referred to as math pedagogy, the test quizzes examinees on the connection between problem solving, reasoning and communication. The PRAXIS II Mathematics: Pedagogy Exam also deals with the best ways to instructionally prepare prior to presenting a lesson. Examinees should also review ways teachers can effectively evaluate their performance and the performance of students. Questions regarding pupil self-evaluation appear on the exam as well.


In order to pass the PRAXIS II Mathematics Pedagogy 0065 Examination, test takers should review the following first-year level math applications as well: algebra, informal proof, informal geometry, statistics, and probability.

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Praxis II Mathematics

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Praxis II Mathematics

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