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Praxis II Life Science Pedagogy

Learn More About The Praxis II Life Sciences Pedagogy 0234 Examination


If you intend to become a teacher of biology to high school students, you should obtain necessary requirements that will allow you to practice your career. One way is to take and pass the PRAXIS II Life Sciences Pedagogy 0234 exam. This is designed to measure the subject-area knowledge and competencies necessary for a beginning teacher of biology in a secondary school.


The PRAXIS II Life Sciences Pedagogy 0234 exam is composed of 1 three-part essay questions. Examinees will be given an hour to finish answering the essay question. All responses should be written in English. This costs the examinee $80.


In the PRAXIS II Life Sciences Pedagogy 0234 exam, examinees are given a topic for a one-week unit for a high school biology course, followed by a three-part question. They will be asked to formulate and rationalize learning objectives for the topic. Furthermore, they will be asked to describe instructional strategies appropriate for helping students achieve the specific learning objectives, including elements of inquiry-based learning. Finally, examinees will be asked to describe methods that can be used to assess student mastery of such objectives.


Key Points About The Praxis II Life Sciences Pedagogy 0234 Examination


The unit topic in the praxis II exam that will be given to examinees is based on the following content areas: basic principles of science; molecular and cellular biology; classical genetics and evolution; diversity of life, plants, and animals; and science, technology, and society.


Basic Principles of Science


Your knowledge about scientific methods, processes, skills, facts, concepts models and others related to scientific methodology is tested in this area. It also includes data collection, manipulation, interpretation and presentation such as use of charts, graphs and the like. This praxis 2 content area has questions related to use of appropriate laboratory, safety procedures and emergency procedures during laboratory activities and your legal responsibilities.


Molecular and Cellular Biology


Atoms, molecules and chemical bonds are some of the topics being asked in this category. Other topics to be included are those related to the chemical basis of life such as your basic chemical structures, buffers, cellular bioenergetics, respiration and enzymes. Cell structure and function and molecular genetics are also part in this praxis II content area.


Classical Genetics and Evolution


Classical genetics such as Mendelian and non-Mendelian inheritance, probability, linkage, human genetic disorders, and environmental influences belong to this content area. The examinee should also prepare his/her knowledge with regards to evolution.


Diversity of Life, Plants, and Animals


This praxis II exam content area is the section of the exam which covers classification schemes, characteristics and representatives of organisms, plant evolution, anatomy and physiology, reproduction and many more. The examinee should also be prepared with knowledge about animal evolution, life functions and associated structures including digestion, circulation, respiration and others.




In this content area of the exam, the examinee is tested on his/her knowledge about population such as population density, growth, dispersion patterns, social behavior. Knowledge about communities and ecosystems are also asked in this fifth category.


Science, Technology and Society


This content area tests your knowledge regarding issues and applications on human population growth, energy production and use, production and use of consumer products, biological magnification and the like. There are also ethical questions with regards to gene cloning, prolonging life, prenatal testing and radiation.


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