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Praxis II Library Media Specialist

The Praxis II Library Media Specialists 5311 Exam Review


Do you want to be a library media specialist? If you think you are suitable of being a library media specialist, you must first take and pass the exam to be able to practice as such. The PRAXIS II Library Media Specialist 5311 exam is designed to measure the knowledge and abilities of examinees who have had a preparation in a program for school library media specialists, grades K-12. This exam is appropriate for examinees at any level – undergraduate or graduate levels.


The PRAXIS II Library Media Specialist 5311 exam is composed of 120 multiple-choice questions. Examinees will be given 2 hours to finish the exam, and will cost the examinee $80.


The PRAXIS II Library Media Specialist 5311 test content revolves around five content categories: Program Administration; Collection Development; Information Access and Delivery; Learning and Teaching; Professional Development, Leadership, and Advocacy. The content is aimed at the level of knowledge appropriate for the person who is administering the library media program at the individual school level. The test is therefore not suitable to those in systems with differentiated staffing for those at the district level. The test may contain questions that will not count toward your score.


Points To Remember Under The Praxis II Library Media Specislists 5311 Examination


Program Administration


This praxis II category includes questions regarding organization, administration and evaluation of the library media center; decision making, mission and philosophy statements, goals and objectives for services and programs, short-and-long-range planning; methods for assessing needs, evidence-based assessment modes; promoting library services, resources, and programs; managing the library media center; and rationale for library media center policies. This is 18% of the exam.


Collection Development


This is the second content category of the PRAXIS II Library Media Specialist 5311exam is all about the function, structure, and components of the selection policy; selecting and maintaining resources; developing and maintaining a professional collection; selection criteria for all resources, including equipment and services, materials acquisition sources, ordering and budgeting procedure. This is 21% of the exam.


Information Access and Delivery


Another 21% of the exam is about information access and delivery. Questions in this category include topics on knowledge of print, non-print, and electronic resources and their uses; knowledge of current and emerging technologies; knowledge of information retrieval processes, search strategies, and evaluation criteria; information resources sharing; equal access to resources, programs and services for all learners; scheduling; library media center environment; legal and ethical issues related to information use; and bibliographic citation.


Learning and Teaching


In this praxis II category, examinees will encounter questions about children and young adult literature, trends related to reading and information literacy, information literacy models, library media center program with information literacy standards, collaborative teaching and planning, instructional design and theories and practice of classroom management. This is approximately 28% of the exam.


Professional Development, Leadership, and Advocacy


The remaining 12% are questions about roles and function of professional organizations related to school library media, purposes and examples of professional development activities, codes of ethics, advocacy, implications and provisions of major legislation and court cases affecting library and education, and how to initiate and facilitate collaborative opportunities.


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Praxis II Library Media Specialist

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Praxis II Library Media Specialist

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