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Praxis II Health Education (5551)

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The Praxis II Health Education (5551) Exam is designed to evaluate the professional knowledge of prospective teachers of health education in elementary schools, junior high schools, and senior high schools. The contents of the exam is based largely on the teacher preparation standards that gauges the beginning teachers’ understanding about the topic of health education as a discipline, health promotion and prevention of injury and disease, community health and advocacy, healthy relationships and mental and emotional health, and health education pedagogy. The Praxis II Health Education (5551) is a computer-based delivered test and has a duration of 2 hours in which candidates must be able to answer 120 multiple-choice questions. Here on oue website, you are not only fed with the information about the health education exam, but also, you are given insights on other related examinations like the health education 0550, 5856 and 5857!


Key Points Under the Health Education 5551 Examination


Health Education as a Principle


Concerns with major health behavior theories, health-related data, appropriate educational materials that may be a cause for any health issues inside the classroom, curricular and extracurricular programs for student health needs, and physical growth and development.


Health Promotion and Prevention of Injury and Disease


Focuses on disease etiology, prevention practices, treatment and management, communicable and non-communicable diseases, concepts of healthy lifestyles that includes physical fitness and proper nutrition, body system relations, and how to care and give treatment for injuries and sudden illnesses.


Healthy Relationships and Mental and Emotional Health


Coverage for this part is about the factors affecting healthy and unhealthy relationships. As well as topics on psychosocial development throughout life stages, interpersonal communication, skills that promote healthy interactions, concepts and issues related to human sexuality, causes and consequences of various mental and emotional health issues and prevention strategies.


Community Health and Advocacy


Emphasis are on the comprehension of the concepts of individual responsibility to society and environment, laws and regulations governing health and safety, environmental health issues, consumer health issues, community healthcare agencies, and role of the health educator as a liaison between school, staff, students, parents and the community.


Health Education and Pedagogy


Priorities of this topic are on how to use effective methods, strategies, and techniques to implement instruction and properly assess the learning needs for individuals and diverse groups as related to health education.


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Praxis II Health Education (5551)

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Praxis II Health Education (5551)

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