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Praxis II Health Education

The Praxis II Health Education 0550 Exam Overview | Learn More About Health Related Exams 5551, 5856 and 5857


The PRAXIS II Health Education 0550 exam is designed for individuals who have the knowledge and abilities to teach health education to students. You may have the desire to teach but you lack the license to do such. This exam can help you deal with your problem. To be able to be a licensed teacher of health education to elementary and high school students, you must take and pass the Health Education 0550exam.


The exam has 120 multiple-choice questions. Examinees will be given a maximum of 2 hours to finish the exam. This will cost the examinee $80.


To be able to answer all questions in the exam correctly, you must recall your basic knowledge and apply education and health principles to real-life situations. Furthermore, you must study and review all these 6 content categories of the PRAXIS II Health Education 0550 exam: Health Education as a Discipline; Promoting Healthy Lifestyles; Community Health Advocacy; Healthy relationships; Disease Prevention; and Health Education Pedagogy. The test may contain questions that will not count toward your score. Further information can be found here about other examinations related to health education for praxis ii are 5551, 5856 and 5857 test codes. These examinations are computer-delivered just like the praxis ii healt education 0550 test.


Key Points About The Praxis II Health Education 0550 Examination


Health Education as a Discipline


This praxis II category is approximately 15% of the exam. This area includes topics on health literacy, responsibilities and competencies for entry-level health educators, national health education standards, morbidity, mortality and behavioral risk data, CDC adolescent risk behaviors, major health behavior theories, health/wellness domains, science foundations related to health, and Code of Ethics for the health and education profession.


Promoting Healthy Lifestyles


This is another category of the praxis 2 exam and it has the biggest percentage in the entire exam which is about 30%. Examinees will encounter questions in this area about one’s responsibility for health lifestyle, physical fitness and health-related fitness, proper nutrition which includes dietary goals, stress management, how to reduce and prevent health risks and the anatomy and physiology of human body systems.


Community Health Advocacy


The Community Health Advocacy category of the praxis II exam includes topics on health and safety laws and regulations, environmental health issues, consumer health issues, access valid health information, health careers, health agencies, leadership and community service. This area is approximately 10% of the exam.


Healthy Relationships


In this category, examinees may encounter questions about decision-making skills, growth and development, psychosocial development, interpersonal communication, sexuality, violence, and about diverse populations. This is 20% of the exam.


Disease Prevention


Around 15% of the exam talks about how to prevent diseases. To be able to answer such questions, examinees should read and study about different health condition –acute or chronic, infectious and noninfectious, genetic or congenital, environment-related and myths. Furthermore, they should also study about mental and emotional health, treatment and counseling and of course, about proper hygiene.


Health Education Pedagogy


This is the last category of the PRAXIS II Health Education 0550 exam. The remaining 10% of the questions will be about assessing learning needs, planning instruction, implementing instruction, and evaluating student learning and teacher effectiveness.


You should not only limit yourselves with the topics stated above, but you must also dig into some other topics and subtopics related to the mentioned exam categories. To ensure that you are ready to face all of the questions in the PRAXIS II Health Education 0550 exam, you should read and study the right Health Education 0550 test prep materials. To help you with your exam preparation, you should avail our reliable materials such as the Health Education 0550 exam secrets, Health Education 0550 flash cards and our Health Education 0550 study guides. Reach the top with the study guides we offer. Grab them now!

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Praxis II Health Education

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Praxis II Health Education

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