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Praxis II Geography

The Praxis II Geography 5921 Examination Overview


If you are planning to teach geology subject to students, you should first obtain the necessary requirements that can allow you to practice your profession. One requirement is for you to pass the PRAXIS II Geography 5921 exam.


The exam is composed of 120 multiple-choice questions. The maximum time allotted for this exam is 2 hours. This will cost the examinee $80.


Test questions in the PRAXIS II Geography 5921 exam will be based on the following content categories: geography literacy and tools; physical geography; human geography; regional geography; and environment and society. Examinees will be tested on how well they analyze problems, apply principles in certain situations, and their ability to use charts, graphs, and maps across the content areas mentioned above. The test may contain questions that will not count toward your score.


Praxis II Geography 5921 Examination Key Points


Geography Literacy and Tools


This is the first category of the PRAXIS II Geography 5921 exam. Questions will be about map types and their uses, uses of scale in geography, geographic concepts of spatial distribution and density, geographic models, application of geographic concepts to current events, uses of geographic tools for interpreting the past and understanding the present, and the uses of statistical information to answer geographic questions and infer geographic relationships. Examinees must learn on how to recognize the natural factors that influence weather, the natural factors that influence climate, identify the key terms used for describing weather and climate, can interpret climographs, identify and locate Earth’s biomes or ecosystems, identify Earth’s primary spheres, familiar with the ways tectonic processes affect the physical environment, understand the differences between various landforms, and they must also learn to identify ecoregions of the United States.


Human Geography


This is approximately 25% of the PRAXIS II Geography 5921 exam. Examinees will encounter questions about characteristics of human populations, basic demographic indicators, interpretation of popular pyramids, patterns of internal and international migration, and characteristics of urban and rural settlements, global economic patterns, and economic and cultural roles of the World Cities in globalization, concepts of nation, states, and others.


Regional Geography


Examinees will encounter questions about major regions of the world, important human and physical characteristics that define the major world regions, major regions of the United States, and people’s perception of regions based on their own culture and experience. This content category is approximately 15% of the overall examination.


Environment and Society


If you want to be a geology teacher, you should understand how human decisions and activities that modify the physical environment, understand the interaction between human and physical systems, recognize that these systems can a have a limiting effect on human activities, familiar with ways human overcome the limitation, recognize how the positive and negative features of the environment affect human settlement, understand the importance of tectonic processes, recognize the effects of population and change of living standards on Earth’s resources, and others. The remaining 20% of the praxis II exam will be about this category.


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Praxis II Geography

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Praxis II Geography

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