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Praxis II General Science 0432

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The Praxis II General Science: Content Knowledge Part 2 0432 Examination Overview | Get Info On Related General Science Exams 0431, 0435, 0433 and 5435!


The PRAXIS II General Science content knowledge, Part 2 0432 exam measures the knowledge and capabilities necessary for a general science beginning teacher of high school students.


The exam is composed of 60 multiple choice questions. The examination should be finished within an hour. This exam also costs $65.


The exam questions revolve around four content categories: Physics, Chemistry, Life Science, and Earth/Space Science and Science, Technology and Society. There are also questions that are based on more than one category. These questions assess knowledge of fundamental scientific concepts, principles, phenomena, and interrelationships. Questions in the PRAXIS II General Science Content Knowledge, Part 2 0432 exam focus on the examinee’s ability to define terms, understand essential properties, apply knowledge, and analyze content.


Examinees will need to understand the subject matter from a more advanced viewpoint than what is presented to the students. Basically, there are questions in the praxis IIexam that are more advance in nature. These questions cover topics in freshmen college-level courses such as in physics, chemistry, life science, and earth science. There may be questions in the exam that will not count toward your score. Additionally, you can get information about other related examinations here about Praxis II General Science 0431, 0435, 0433 and 5435!


Pointers For The Praxis II General Science: Content KNowledge Part 2 0432 Test




This is approximately 27% of the PRAXIS II General Science Content Knowledge, Part 2 0432 exam. Examinees will encounter questions regarding mechanics, electricity and magnetism, and waves. To be able to answer these questions, they should study about Newton’s law of motion, work, energy, torque, friction, energy and momentum, gravity, Archimedes’ principle, characteristics of static and current electricity, electrical circuits, sources of EMF, characteristics of waves, refraction, diffraction, Doppler Effect, and electromagnetic radiation.




The Chemistry category is also approximately 27% of the entire exam. Most of the questions in this category concerns about the periodic table, trends in chemical and physical properties, the mole concept, electron dot and structural formulas, the kinetic theory and states of matter, chemical reaction, and solutions and solubility.


Life Science


Life science deals with questions about the Cell, genetics and evolution, diversity of life, plants, animals, and ecology. Examinees must study about the structure and functions of cells, cell organelles, cellular biogenetics, and the cell cycle. They should also read about DNA replication, protein synthesis, Mendelian and non-Mendelin inheritance, mutation, genetic engineering, and human genetic disorders. Furthermore, they should also review on the following specific topics: structure and function of plants, anatomy and physiology of animal systems, homeostasis, population dynamics, food webs and energy flow, and biomes. This is about 18% of the praxis II exam.


Earth/Space Science; Science, Technology, and Society


The remaining 28% of the exam is all about this last praxis 2 exam category. This includes questions about physical geology, historical geology, oceanography, meteorology, astronomy and the use of science and technology in daily life. Examinees should also study about biotechnology and health.


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