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Praxis II General Science Content Knowledge Part 1

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Exam Overview Of The General Science: Content Knowledge Part 1 0431 |  Related Exams Are General Science 0435, 0432, 0433, 5435


The General Science content knowledge Part 1 0431 exam is a test for teachers who plan to teach general science to high school students. The exam is designed to assess if teachers are competent enough to teach such subject to secondary schools. Get information about other related examinations as well under gen sci 0435, 0432, 0433, 5435


The General Science 0431 exam is composed of 60 multiple choice questions. Examinees will be given an hour to finish the entire examination. This costs the examinee $65. The questions assess the examinee’s knowledge of fundamental scientific concepts, principles, phenomena, and interrelationships.


Questions in the General Science Content Knowledge Part 1 0431 exam revolves around 4 content categories:  Methodology/ Philosophy, Math/Measurement/Data and laboratory/Safety; Basic Principles of Science; Life Science; Earth/ Space Science, Science, Technology, and Society. Some questions are based from more than one category. Basically, the exam questions focus on examinees’ ability to define terms, comprehend essential properties, apply knowledge, and analyze content.


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To be able to communicate effectively with high school students, teachers must understand the subject matter from a more advanced viewpoint than what is actually presented to the students. Examinees must therefore study hard since there are questions in the praxis II exam that are more advance in nature. Examinees will also encounter questions about certain topics in freshmen college-level courses such as what is covered in the following courses: physics, chemistry, life science, and earth science. There may be questions in the exam that will not count toward your score.


Methodology/Philosophy; Math/Measurement/Data; Laboratory/Safety


This is the first category of the praxis II science examination. The category covers topics such as scientific methods and processes, facts, models, theories, laws, history of science, mathematics, measurement, data manipulation, measurement and notations systems, data presentation and interpretation, error analysis, techniques of safe preparation inside the laboratory, proper use of laboratory and field materials, and proper use of appropriate laboratory equipment. This is approximately 23% of the entire exam.


Basic Principles of Science


This content category is also 23% of the entire praxis II exam. This includes the following topics: structure and properties of matter; occurrence and abundance of elements; physical and chemical changes of matter; forms and transformations of energy; conservation of mass and energy; types of energy; laws of thermodynamics; and characteristics of radioisotopes and radiation.


Life Science


This includes questions about the structure and function of cells, cellular bioenergetics, cell cycle, DNA replication, protein synthesis, genetic engineering, human genetic disorders, theories and patterns of evolution, factors affecting evolution, hypothesis relating to the origin of life, structure of plants, anatomy and physiology of animals, population dynamics, community structure, food webs and energy flow, and biomes. This area is approximately 22% of the exam.


Earth/Space Science; Science, Technology, and Society


This content category has the largest percentage in the entire exam. It is approximately 32% of the exam. This includes the topics on physical geology, historical geology, oceanography, meteorology, astronomy, and the use of science and technology in daily life.


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