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Praxis II English to Speakers of Other Languages

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More Information About the New 2015 Exam of  English To Speakers Of Other Languages 5361


English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL 5361) exam is a test that various states require an aspiring teacher to clear before he is hired to teach the students, whose first language is not English.

The English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) test is designed to measure basic linguistic and pedagogical knowledge within the context of teaching ESOL in elementary or secondary schools. The test is two hours long and it is delivered on computer. ETS website gives following information chart about this test.

Listening Portion of Test: Section I, Parts A and B:

These 20 questions are based on recorded speech samples of students who are non-native speakers of English. Ten questions of part A cover oral grammar and vocabulary and the remaining ten questions from part B are pronunciation. The audio samples for part A are played only once while the sample questions for part B are played twice.


Foundations of Linguistics and Language Learning:

Typically, the topics that will be covered under this section would be Linguistic Theory, Language and Culture, Second-Language Learning, and Literacy. This segment of the exams aims to assess the examinee's knowledge on phonetic transcription and terminology, stress and intonation patterns, English syntax, and semantics. Also, basic concepts of pragmatics and sociolingustics are also important as a teacher of this field will be dealing with non-native Americans.


Planning, Implementing, and Managing Instruction:


In this part of the test, aspiring teachers are judged for their familiarity with the Instructional theory, teaching techniques and classroom management in the context of teaching english to the speakers of other languages. Examinees' knowledge about various teaching resources and study materials regarding ESOL instruction is also evaluated in this part.




In this part, test takers are evaluated for their understanding of the use of the formal and informal assessment techniques that may be used to assess the learning progress of ESL students. Appropriate Interpretation of test results or score and application of the results is also examined.


Cultural and Professional Aspects of the Job:


Aspirants are judged for their awareness of the cultural aspects related to second language teaching. Specific role set of an ESL teacher is prospects for professional development are also tested. Note: For more Information about ESOL 5361 exam, download this free ebook study compan
ion from ETS website

How to STudy for For ESOL (5361) exam:


The changing demographics of the country mean more and more qualified teachers are required for teaching English to the speakers of other languages. ETS released data shows that number and proportion of candidates who fail to pass the ESOL test is increasing with each passing year. It is because the states have upped their qualification requirement and achieving required marks in the test have become increasingly difficult. For example the rquired passing score is as high as 157 in Kentucky. ESOL test is designed to test the practical and technical aspects of Examinee's knowledge. No amount of empty book reading can ensure your success in this exam. You must have substantial knowledge of test contents and you must have a lot of practice with sample tests before going to the test center with confidence. You need to work on the material that specifically targets the exam. The helping material on our website is very relevant. Hundreds of aspiring teachers have effortlessly cleared the ESOL exam using our study guides. Review materials offered here are relevant, short, concise, effective and full of tips on how to score highly in this exam. Save yourself the time and embarrassment of a failed attempt and pick a study guide form the links below. We also provide tutorial services for this exam. Our teach of dedicated, learned and professional tutors is committed to help you out with the contents of this exam. Contact us to find a competent professional to assis you in passing the exam.


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Praxis II English to Speakers of Other Languages

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