Succeed in Passing The English Language, Literature And Composition: Content and Analysis 5044 | 0044 Exam

Praxis II English Language Literature and Composition Pedagogy 0043

Relevancy Exams:

English Language, Literature, and Composition: Content and Analysis is a 2 hours long test that consists of 90 MCQs and 2 constructed response questions. 0044 is delivered on paper while 5044 is delivered on computer. Passing score for the state of Connecticut is 172.



An Overview of the New 2015 English Language, Literature and Composition: Content and Analysis 0044 | 5044 Exam Contents


This exam is designed to measure whether the entry-level secondary English teachers have the skills and knowledge necessary for competent professional practice. The questions are directed at examinee’s knowledge of literature, the English language and composition and rhetoric. The covers following areas


Literature and Understanding Text


45 multiple choice question will be asked from this portion. The subject matter of this portion is this:

  • Identifying major works and authors of English literature coming from various cultures and different genres.

  • Paraphrasing, comparing, and interpreting various types texts, e.g., fiction, poetry, essays, drama and graphic representations

  • Identifying and interpreting figurative language and literary devices.

  • Understanding how the structure and style of a piece of literature influence its meaning.

  • Situating authors and texts within the historical and cultural and critical contexts to aid in interpretation.

  • Recognizing and applying various strategic approaches to teaching reading.


Language and Linguistic


18 multiple choice questions will be asked from this portion. The topics of this portion are:

  • Understanding the principles of first and second language acquisition

  • Understanding elements of the history, development, and structure of the English language

  • Understanding and applying the conventions of grammar, mechanics, and usage

  • Understanding the elements of semantics, e.g., ambiguity, euphemism, connotation, and jargon, and how these elements affect meaning

Composition and Rhetoric


27 multiple choice questions will be asked from this portion from the following subject area:

  • Understanding and applying elements of teaching writing

  • Understanding and evaluating rhetorical features in writing


This portion constitutes for 25% paper and will consist of 2 constructed response questions. The subject matter for this portion is:

  • Interpreting Literature.

  • Evaluating Rhetorical Features of a poetry or prose excerpt and analyzing the central idea of a literary essay.



How to prepare for English 0044 | 5044 exam


English Language, Literature, and Composition: Content and Analysis 0044 | 5044 exam has a very general syllabus that covers English Literature from all over the world and includes a wide range of topics. This Generality of the subject matter can lead to confusion about what to study and what to leave. So a well researched study guide that covers the major aspects of this exam can help you a lot in acing this exam.


Exam Secrets study guide for English 5044 | 0044 exam is a concise but very well researched out study guide that is prepared by a team of qualified professionals.


Or You can go for flashcard study system if you are short on time and looking to have a quick review of the exam contents. Flashcards use scientifically proven method of repetition in a fun and interactive way to teach you all the major concepts of exam.




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