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English Language Arts: Content and Analysis 5039

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Basic Information about 2015 English 5039 exam


English Language Arts: Content and Analysis 5039 exam is a 3 hours long test that consists of 130 selected-response questions and 2 constructed-response questions. Candidates will have 150 minutes to complete the SR section (along with usual MCQs, SR section may also include multiple-selection MCQs, order/match, audio samples, table/grid, select in passage and video stimulus). The remaining 30 minutes will be used for CR section.


On a scale of 100-200, the passing score for English 5039 exam is as high as 173 for CT and as low as 162 for UT and 168 for rest of the states. The registration fee for this test is $139.


Summary of Exam contents for New English 5039 exam


The English Language Arts: Content and Analysis exam aims to evaluate the prospective secondary school English teachers for the knowledge and skills that are deemed necessary for the teaching of English Literature. The syllabus covers following subject areas.


  1. Reading

This section accounts for 40% of the paper. 48 selected response and one constructed response questions will be asked from this portion. Candidates are required to be familiar with major literary works and authors from around the world. They should be able to identify historical and literary context of major literary works and understand the defining characteristics of each literary genre and its forms. How authors develop the theme of the work and how literary elements and literary devices and figurative language determine the meaning of a text are all part of the syllabus.


  1. Language Use and Vocabulary

This section accounts for 19% of the paper and 33 selected response questions will be asked from this portion. A sound understanding of the rules and conventions of grammar is critical to doing well in this part of the paper. Candidates should also have a fairly good concept of vocabulary development and language acquisition.


  1. Writing, Speaking, and Listening

This section constitutes for remaining 41% of the paper which means 49 selected response and one constructed response questions will be asked from here. Candidates are expected to have gone through the process of writing to be able to better understand the distinct characteristics of various modes of writing (e.g. argumentative, informative, explanatory, narrative etc). Candidates will also be judged for their understanding of process of communication happening between the teacher and students in a classroom setting.

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