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Praxis II Elementary Education Multiple Subjects

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Exam Overview Of Praxis II Elementary Education: Multiple Subjects (5031) | Learn More About Elementary Education Related Exams 0011, 0012, 5031, 0014, 5014, 5018, 5011, 5017, 5015, 5019 and 5001!


The Praxis II Elementary Education: Multiple Subjects (5031) Exam is intended for the sole purpose of evaluating if the prospect teachers are equipped with broad knowledge and competencies in effectively handling a class in the elementary schools. The states want to guarantee the public that students are given the best educators for them to have an efficient learning experience. The Praxis II Elementary Education: Multiple Subjects (5031) is a computer-delivered examination that runs for 3 hours and 50 minutes as it is separated in four subtests. You can also check out othr examinations related to praixs ii elementary education - the 0011, 0012 0014 are paper-delivered examinations while the 5013, 5014, 5015, 5017, 5018, 5019 and 5001 are computerized examinations! The four categories under this exam are as follows:


Key Points Under Praxis II Elementary Education: MUtiple Subjects 5031 Examination


I.              Reading and Language Arts Categories


Understanding key ideas relevant to the foundations of literacy and reading development is a must for beginning teachers as they will be dealing with young children. This is the most crucial part of teaching young people as they should be taught well on how to read and pronounce appropriately, and how to comprehend and digest information for them to use it as knowledge at hand. Teachers must also be aware of the importance of proper written language and the writing process.


II.            Mathematics


The key here is to demonstrate understanding of prenumeration concepts (informal counting and meaning of number); basic number systems; whole numbers; integers; rational numbers; fractions; decimals; basic mathematical operations (add, subtract, divide, and multiply); solve simple algebraic methods; geometry; measurement; and data interpretation. These are the fundamentals for the young students to absorb so that they may be able to comprehend advanced mathematics on their way of growing up.


III.           Social Studies


Knowledge about the history of the United States of America; its Government and Citizenship is one of the focused of this subject. Moreover, teachers must also be aware of World and Regional Geography; Anthropology; Sociology; World History and Economics as these are important information that students should be made aware of as this would also help them understand their country; their origin and their differences from each other classmates.


IV.           Science


The last subtest is focus on the comprehension of the structure and processed of the Earth systems; its history; Galaxies and Stars; Universe; the Solar System; the Planets; the Sun; and the Moon. Also, the most important part is for these young people to understand the structure and functions of the living systems and its relationship to the environmental surroundings. Students should also be taught about the physical and chemical properties and the structure of matter; the laws of motions; forces and equilibrium.



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Praxis II Elementary Education

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Praxis II Elementary Education

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