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Praxis 2 English arts prep for teacher certs

ABOUT THE ETS ENGLISH SUBJECT TESTs and it's respective exam codes


Review for your test today with the collection of study guides prepared by educators to help you pass your ETS english exam. The Praxis 2 English exam is only one of the many Praxis 2 teaching certification subject tests available. It comes in different test codes. Some of these include:



5039 Language Arts: Content and Analysis 

5038 Language Arts: Content Knowledge  

5044 Language, Literature, and Composition: Content and Analysis 

5361  English to Speakers of Other Languages 

5049  English Language Arts

5154  English Language Arts and Social Studies 

5156  Pennsylvania Grades 4-8 Subject Concentration: English Language Arts 




Taking the English examination under the Praxis 2 teaching certification series is used to measure standards-relevant skills and knowledge relevant to supporting examinee’s qualifications to earn a valid license. The certification earned from the ETS is a valid credential for aspiring instructors. It helps increase your competency and effectiveness as a teacher or instructor in a classroom setting. 




From study guides to flashcard systems to aiding you in finding the best private and online tutors, Praxis2.org can provide you with the most efficient information you need to know about your English test. Discover more about your English examination and about the entire  teaching certification here today!  Below you will find the list of exam codes and corresponding resources associated with each code, to help you prepare for your exam. We have exam certification prep material for english from various study guide vendors.

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5038 English Content Knowledge

Know The Secret In Passing The English Language Arts Content Knowledge 5038 Exam!

Exam Code: 5038-test-prep-for-teachers
Study Guide Type: Flash Cards, Exam-Secrets
Exam Overview On The English Language Arts Content Knowledge | 5038 Prep    Secondary school English teachers are sometimes required to pass the English Language Arts Content-Knowledge Exam (5038). The two-hour exam, which consists of 130 multiple-choice questions, assesses a beginning teacher’s...
Praxis II English Language Literature and Composition Pedagogy 0043

Succeed in Passing The English Language, Literature And Composition: Content and Analysis 5044 | 0044 Exam

Exam Code: praxis-ii-5044
Study Guide Type: Flash Cards
English Language, Literature, and Composition: Content and Analysis is a 2 hours long test that consists of 90 MCQs and 2 constructed response questions. 0044 is delivered on paper while 5044 is delivered on computer. Passing score for the state of Connecticut is 172.     An Overview of...
English Language Arts: Content and Analysis 5039

Information About and Reliable Resources for Preparing English 5039 Exam

Exam Code: praxis-ii-5039
Basic Information about 2015 English 5039 exam   English Language Arts: Content and Analysis 5039 exam is a 3 hours long test that consists of 130 selected-response questions and 2 constructed-response questions. Candidates will have 150 minutes to complete the SR section (along with usual MCQs,...