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Early Childhood refers to the first two life years of a child. It is a crucial stage in the life of a child especially because it is when children start to gain consciousness about what their roles are which are relevant to people and events in their surroundings. It is a stage in the life cycle of a child when they start to develop several of their abilities and start gaining knowledge through their parents’ guidance and eventually begin their education in a classroom setting.


Types of Early Child Education Exam offered by ETS for New 14 | 2015 


5022 Early Child Hood Content Knowledge

5023 Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education 

5621 Principles of Learning and Teaching: Early Childhood 

5691 Special Education: Preschool/Early Childhood  


Basically, a student who is taking up a course relevant to Early Childhood is probably introduced to the different theories related to early childhood rearing such as the Vygotsky’s Socio-Cultural Learning Theory, David Kolb Experimental Learning Theory and many others. They are also taught about the different concepts and knowledge involved in rearing children and developing their abilities through playing and knowing more about their developmental needs.


Opportunities for Degree takes and Teachers 


And the opportunities of a degree holder in child development includes becoming an assistant clinical instructor, a child life specialist, a teaching assistant or a teacher at pre-schools and day care centers; however, getting employment at these schools can be quite of a challenge especially with the high standards and the increasing demand for more competent teachers in the industry. With this, taking a teaching licensure exam becomes an increasing necessity to qualify better and obtain security in your teaching career.


Review Early Childhood ETS exams and resources by code and grade level 


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ABOUT THE EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION SUBJECT TEST   General Teaching Pre School for Early educaiton information   The Early Childhood Education examination is a subject test included on the list of examinations listed under the test series available for aspiring preschool teachers and specialists....