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Praxis II Driver Education 0867

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The PRAXIS II Driver Education exam (0867) is taken by education majors interested in teaching high school driver education. Most have completed college coursework in the field. Examinees are allowed two hours to answer 100 multiple-choice questions in these five areas: safe motor vehicle operation and procedures, 25 questions; motor vehicle laws and regulations, 10 questions; automobile operation and maintenance, 25 questions; instruction, methodology, and evaluation, 20 questions; and driver responsibilities and special knowledge, 20 questions. Some questions on the Driver Education test may not count toward the test score.


The safe motor vehicle operation and procedures portion of the PRAXIS II Driver Education exam includes questions regarding the affects of emotion, drugs, illness, physical handicaps, and natural laws upon driving. Some questions may also deal with the influence of energy concerns upon the manufacture, operation, and maintenance of vehicles. The Driver Education exam section that concerns motor vehicle laws and regulations contains questions about vehicle registration, titling, and licensing; road signs; and pavement markings. The river Education test section regarding automobile operation and maintenance contains questions concerning these three areas: the major parts of a vehicle and the functions of those parts; common methods of caring for and replacing tires; and basic principles and procedures for automobile maintenance. Learn some informative tips abput the driver 0860 exam!


Further Information About The Praxis II Driver Education 0867 Examination


The instruction, methodology, and evaluation section of the PRAXIS II Driver Education exam deals with the goals, special facilities, equipment, and teaching materials of driver education programs. Other specific topics include student participation in driver education programs, safe driving distances, defensive driving, and the use of simulation and multi-car driving ranges in driver education. The driver responsibilities and special knowledge portion of the Driver Education test deals with insurance; accident liability; the legal responsibilities of all those concerned, including passersby, in the advent of an accident; and driver and pedestrian rights and responsibilities within the context of a traffic situation.

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Praxis II Driver Education

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 Praxis II Driver Education

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