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Praxis II Safety/Driver Education

The Praxis II Safety / Driver Education 0860 Examination Overview | Get Some Insights from Related Exams Like The Driver Education 0867


Do you want to be a teacher of safety and driver education? If you intend to teach driver education to senior high school students in the State of Pennsylvania, then all you have to do is take and pass the PRAXIS II Safety Driver Education 0860 exam. Examinees should have completed a bachelor’s degree in education with coursework in the areas of safety and driver education.


Within 2 hours, examinees should be able to answer all of the 120 multiple-choice questions. This praxis 2 test costs $80.


To pass the said praxis II exam, they should know the fundamental concepts and principles of safety and driver education which include the facts, terminologies, principles, applications, and use of facts in the analysis and the evaluation of specific situations. They should also have the knowledge and skills on how to select appropriate activities for effective learning, relate the concepts and principles to the students’ knowledge and experience and; they should also know how to recognize and utilize appropriate learning resources of the school and community, evaluate student responses in classrooms and lastly, select the best subsequent strategies.


All questions focus on the six content areas: safety and driver education curriculum, traffic and safety regulation, budgeting and planning, equipment and informational material, methodology and evaluation, and legal aspects and public relations. There may be some question in the exam that will not count toward your score. Additional information can be taken from the praxis ii driver education 0867!


Key Points Under The Praxis II Safety / Driver Education 0860 Exam


Safety and Driver Education Curriculum


Approximately 23% of the questions come from this first category.  To help the test takers pass this area, they should know about safety areas (e.g. home, work, highway, and public safety), highway transportation system, Pennsylvania motor vehicle laws and regulations, natural laws affecting vehicle and operator performance, vehicle familiarization and others.


Traffic and Safety Regulations


Questions from this area are about legislation, adjudication, enforcement, engineering, and the 18 standards of Highway Safety Act. Furthermore, examinees should know about occupational safety and health acts, environmental protection acts, product safety, agricultural regulation and product controls, and local ordinances and codes. This is 7% of the overall exam.


Budgeting and Planning


This area tests the examinee’s knowledge on record keeping, cost categories, budget planning, and funding sources. Examinees should also be knowledgeable on the national and state guidelines, learning models, assessing student needs, task analysis and on selecting and developing driving routes. This is approximately 21% of the exam.




Equipment and Information Material


This is 15% of the exam and questions from this area is about classroom and media equipment, laboratory equipment, multiple-car range, on-street driving, selecting and securing equipment, understanding  and using research results, and about current trend issues and uses of printed materials and software and hardware.


Methodology and Evaluation


Examinees should know the effective use of simulation, multiple-car range, on-street driving, student-centered learning activities, and the effective transfer of classroom knowledge to laboratory situations. Furthermore, they should also know about curriculum evaluation, teacher evaluation and student evaluation since it is all part in this content category of the praxis II exam. It is 22% of the overall exam.


Legal Aspects and Public Relations


The remaining 12% of the questions in the exam will be about the state and local regulations, reasons for planned routed, record keeping, insurance, and emergency procedures. Aside from that, other topics included are on parental support, automobile dealer relationships, and school/community relationships involving adult learners and special populations.


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 Praxis II Safety/Driver Education

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Praxis II Safety/Driver Education

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