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Praxis II Communication

About The Praxis II Communication 0800 Examination


If you’re a communications major who would like to teach elementary or high school communications, you may be required to pass the PRAXIS II Communications (0800) exam. The Communications test consists of 120 multiple-choice questions regarding general communication, speech, theatre, media, literature, language, and professional concerns.  You’ll have two hours to complete the exam.


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General Communication & Speech


The general communications portion contains approximately 22 questions. When studying for the PRAXIS II Communications test, be sure to review these general communications topics: communication theory; the communication process; interpersonal communication; intercultural communication; listening; audience analysis; audience response; and the rights, freedoms, responsibilities and laws associated with communication. The speech section of the PRAXIS II Communications exam contains approximately 21 questions that deal with debate, group discussion, public speaking, oral interpretation, and speech analysis.


Theater & Media


Theater history, the history of dramatic literature, critical analysis of drama, stage production, basic acting, directing, and creative dramatics are the focus of the approximately 20 theater questions on the PRAXIS II Communications test. About 19 general media questions are also on the PRAXIS II Communications exam. Topics include the roles that mass media plays; the history of media; techniques in media; critical analysis of mass media; and print, film, and broadcast media.


Literature & Language


Major literary works, authors, genres, periods, and movements in world, British, and American literature are the focus of the approximately 14 literature questions on the PRAXIS II Communications test. The 12 language questions on the PRAXIS II Communications exam focus on language usage levels, word histories, language history, semantics, and the writing process.


Professional Concerns


Twelve questions on the PRAXIS II Communications exam are about professional matters in communication. Question topics may concern methodology as well as the use of print and nonprint sources of information in communications studies. Other topics may include co-curricular activities, co-curricular management; professional organizations, and career opportunities in communications. Some of the questions on the Communications exam may not count toward the score.

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 Praxis II Communication

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 Praxis II Communication

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