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Praxis II Citizenship Education Content Knowledge

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If you’re planning to teach high school citizenship classes, you may be required to take the PRAXIS II Citizenship Education: Content-Knowledge (5087) exam. The Citizenship Education: Content-Knowledge exam is a two-hour test that is comprised 130 multiple choice questions concerning United States history, world history, government/civics/political science, geography, and economics. Many questions on the PRAXIS II Citizenship Education: Content-Knowledge exam require that you demonstrate an ability to connect ideas in history and the social sciences. Some may not factor into the score. You can also check out the Citizenship 5087 examination that is computer-delivered.


Twenty-eight questions on the PRAXIS II Citizenship: Content-Knowledge test concern U.S. history. Topics include U.S. geography, key historical events, and economic trends. Themes in U.S. history are the subject of some questions. Examples include the influence of race, ethnicity, gender, religion, immigration, and technology on the history of the United States. Approximately 28 questions on the PRAXIS II Citizenship: Content--Knowledge test also concern ancient civilizations, specifically Greece, Rome, Persia, India, and China to 500 C.E.; European political, social, and economic development from the Renaissance through the Age of Reason; nationalism, imperialism, and revolution from 1750 to 1914; and the causes and consequences of WWI, WWII, and the Cold War.


Roughly 28 questions on the PRAXIS II Citizenship Education: Content-Knowledge exam deal with government, civics, and political science. To prepare for this section, review these three areas: political theory; U.S. government and politics; and international relations and comparative politics. Major political theorists, political theories, and political types, such as liberal and conservative, are the focus of the political theory questions.


Further Information About The Praxis II Citizenship Education 5087


The U.S. politics and government section includes questions about the Constitution, civil liberties, federalism, political parties, the media, and interest groups. The PRAXIS II Citizenship Education: Content-Knowledge exam section concerning international relations and comparative politics includes questions about types of governments, types of regimes, international organizations, international law, and different types of electoral processes.


About 23 questions on the PRAXIS II Citizenship Education: Content-Knowledge exam concern geography. During this section, you must read and interpret different kinds of maps. You must also use mental maps. The economics portion of the Citizenship Education: Content-Knowledge also contains about 23 questions. These concern two major subjects: microeconomics and macroeconomics. The microeconomics section specifically deals with personal finance, income distribution, factors related to production, supply and demand, scarcity, economic systems, and other topics in microeconomics. The macroeconomics portion includes questions about methods of determining economic performance, such as international exchange rates, international trade, economic growth, inflation, and unemployment.

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Praxis II Citizenship Education

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Praxis II Citizenship Education

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