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The Chemistry exam in the Praxis 2 exam series is one of the subject tests offered among many others that degree holders can take to get their teaching license. Since most schools require teacher applicants to have a valid license, taking the Praxis 2 Chemistry exam is an important step towards career advancement.


The Praxis 2 exam is a teaching certification test that can be taken across the different states in the US. Each state offers certain Praxis 2 exam subject tests while others do not. It is best that you check out which tests are offered at your state. The Praxis 2 Chemistry exam can be taken in both computer-delivered and paper-based exams, each with 2 hours of test taking time. Each test has 100 multiple-choice questions.


The content categories of the Chemistry exam includes Solutions and Solubility; Acid/Base Chemistry, Atomic and Nuclear Structure, Nomenclature; the Mole, Chemical Bonding and Geometry, Matter and Energy; Heat, Thermodynamics and Thermochemistry, Periodicity and Reactivity; Chemical Reactions, Biochemistry and Organic Chemistry, History and Nature of Science; Science, Technology and Social Perspectives and Mathematics, Measurement and Data Management; Laboratory Procedures and Safety.




Why is taking a Praxis 2 exam and earning a license an important step towards career advancement? Because competition is inevitable in the teaching industry, becoming competent by getting your license is important to keep up. Teacher graduates who took and passed the Praxis 2 Chemistry test have a greater advantage of earning employment at schools over those who did not.




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