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Praxis II Chemistry Content Knowledge

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Exam Overview Of The Praxis II Chemistry: Content Knowledge Exam 5245 Test | Related Examinations Under Chemistry Are Exams 0242, 0070 and 5245


Those interested in teaching chemistry on the secondary level are often required to pass the Praxis II Series Chemistry Content Knowledge Exam (5245) for licensure in their state.  Test takers have two hours to complete the exam, which consists of 100 multiple choice questions. If you happen to realize that this is not the exam that you were looking for, there's no need to fret as we also have information about the Praxis II 0242, 0070 and 5245 Chemistry examinations.


Points Under The Praxis II Chemistry 5245 Exam


In order to study for the PRAXIS II Chemistry: Content Knowledge Exam (5245), students should focus on the following areas of chemistry for review:

  •  periodicity and reactivity, chemical reactions, biochemistry, and organic chemistry (23    questions);
  • matter and energy, heat, thermodynamics and thermo chemistry (16 questions);
  • nomenclature, the mole, chemical bonding, and geometry (14 questions);
  • mathematics, measurement, and data management, laboratory procedures and safety (14 questions);
  • solutions and solubility, acid/base chemistry (12 questions);
  • history and nature of science, science, technology and social perspectives (11 questions); and
  • atomic and nuclear structure (10 questions).

Questions on the Praxis II Series Chemistry Content Knowledge Exam (5245) concern these specific aspects of the above categories, respectively:

  • patterns of periodicity in electron configurations, periodicity with types of bonds, chemical reactions, atom features, organic chemistry and biological chemistry;
  • ypes, arrangement, features, and preservation of matter and/or energy; temperature measurements; thermal energy’s effect on matter; thermal energy conduction; laws of molecular kinetics, gases, and thermodynamics; and thermo-chemistry;
  • the naming system of molecular and ionic compounds, the naming of organic compounds among functional groups, the mole as a component of chemical composition, chemical formulas, chemical bonding, and molecular biology;
  • measuring and interpreting data, appropriate laboratory use of substances and tools, safety practices for chemical mixtures, and chemical materials disposal;
  • solutions types, vocabulary; impacts of solubility, chemical concentration, and the chemistry of acids and bases;
  • the scientific process, experiment formulation, science history, and the link society and science;
  • atomic structure, electron arrangement, and nuclear reactions.

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Praxis II Chemistry

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