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A Brief Overview about the Praxis II Business Education: Content Knowledge 5101 Examination | Get More About The Business Education 0100 and 5101


The Business Education: Content Knowledge (5101) Praxis II certification test is a criterion for some professional associations and organizations in order for a business graduate to be able to teach in his / her state. If you are an individual entering the teaching profession and seeking certification, then you need to prepare yourself for a 2-hour exam that is composed of 120 multiple-choice questions. This Praxis II certification test is mandated by many states as they need to be assured that teachers who are educating the young generation of the United States are of good caliber and have the knowledge, teaching skills and abilities needed in providing great quality of education. The test concentrates on the core of knowledge and cognitive skills as the name of the exam holds itself. You can also learn more about other related business education exams which are the Praxis II Business Education 0100 and 5101 Examinations. But, going back to the topic, the exam has is separated into 8 parts which are as follows:


I. Accounting and Finance

For the Accounting and Finance, test takers must have the knowledge and skills in the accounting cycle and the interpretation and usage of financial statements. It is also a must to gain understanding of personal and business finance: financial institutions, savings and investments, managing credits and finances and its risks.


II. Communication and Career Development

The second segment focuses more on foundations of communications: the barriers, techniques and skills needed to have a better dealing with clients. Written and oral communication handling is also a must because you will be teaching your students on how to properly write memos, letters, emails, deliver presentations, and reports. But that does not only end there, it is also vital for a business teacher to know how to create effective resumes for applications and as well as techniques and the tools needed when conducting an interview. Moreover, a business teacher must also be properly equipped with career research.


III. Economics

Under Economics, one must need to know the importance of the allocating resources: supply and demand, opportunity cost, scarcity, and factors of production. Individual should also have an in-depth knowledge of the various economic systems (free enterprise, mixed economies, etc.). Market structures should also be consider as this is more on the knowing what monopoly, oligopoly is all about in order for you to understand how it effects the overall context of the economy.


IV. Entrepreneurship

With Entrepreneurship, aspirants should have the comprehension of its characteristics; its forms of ownership: sole proprietorship, partnership, and corporation; and the most important part of it is the Business Planning together with its components.


V. Information Technology

Information Technology is greatly centered on the operations and concepts within the business which is all about the hardware, software, networking, operating environments, file management and security of a business.


VI. Law and International Business

Foundations of international business are the primary focus of Law and International Business. Candidates should have awareness about its role and impact in an economy. Contract Law, Consumer Law, and the United States court system are also included under its umbrella.


VII. Marketing and Management

The seventh section is for candidates to display their apprehension of the various marketing principles, consumer, marketing as its own context, and management of human resources.


VIII. Professional Business Education

And for the last segment of the Praxis II Business Education: Content Knowledge which is focuses on all the professional business education organizations. Candidate must be able to identify the importance of the teacher’s role in these professional organizations.


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Praxis II Business Education

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Praxis II Business Education

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