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Praxis II Business Education

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A Quick Overview of the Praxis II Business Education (0100) Exam | Related Exams Are Business Education 0101 and 5101


Instructors wishing to teach diverse topics in business education are often required by their licensing state to pass the Praxis II licensure exam in Business Education. This two-hour test consists of 120 multiple-choice questions that are distributed according to content: 24 questions deal with professional business education, 20 regard information processing, 17 pertain to the management of money, 17 are concerning office management and procedures, 17 are about accounting and marketing practices, 13 cover the business environment and 12 deal with economic systems in the United States. There are also other related examinations like the Praxis II 0101 Business Ed exam which happens to be another paper-delivered test and the Business Education 5101 examination which is computer-delivered. All these exams are available on our website.


To prepare for the Praxis II licensure exam questions, teachers should review best practices in instructional methodology, lesson planning, and classroom management. They should also review business curriculum and be familiar with student business organizations. In order to prepare for questions regarding information processing, teachers should review word processing, spreadsheets, graphics, medical transcription, and frequently transcribed data as well.


Further Information About The Praxis II Business Education 0100 


The Business Education (0100) Flashcard System also helps you answer questions on the Praxis II licensure exam dealing with money management, U.S. economic systems, and accounting and marketing specifically concern mathematical formulas found in business applications, consumer education, consumer rights, the principles of economics, government and banking, free enterprise, purchasing and distribution, and accounting systems.


Business environment and office management questions on the Praxis II Business Education Exam concern recordkeeping, business communication, writing, telecommunications, employment skills, ethics, productivity measurement, worker evaluation, insurance, bankruptcy, and legal issues.


The certification test is not that difficult to pass if you are equipped with the knowledge and understanding of the course itself; however, that is difficult to achieve because of time and some other factors. But, worry not! We are offering Business Education review tools that will serve as your aid in passing that state teaching certification exam. So, what are you waiting for? Go through our website now and purchase the key that will help you become one of the licensed teachers in the country!



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Praxis II Business Education

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Praxis II Business Education

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