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To individuals who aspire to become biology teachers, then this is the best praxis II exam that you should take. The PRAXIS II Biology content knowledge 5235 exam is designed to individuals who are competent to become a Biology teacher of secondary schools. The exam will assess the examinees knowledge and ability through set of questions about the field of Biology. Examinees should have completed or nearly completed a bachelor’s degree program with appropriate coursework in Biology are the only persons suitable to take the said examination.  We have comprehensive praxis 2 biology 5235 content knowledge review to help you prepare for this exam.


Science Biology 0235 | 5235 Content Knowledge Exam Info


The PRAXIS II Biology Content Knowledge 5235  or 0235 exam is composed of 150 multiple-choice questions. Examinees are given 2 hours to complete the exam. The primary objective of the praxis II test questions is to evaluate the content areas by using these questions that focus on conceptual understanding, critical thinking, and problem solving in science. The development of the questions is based on the standards of the National Science Education Standards (NSES) and the National Science Teacher Association (NSTA). All questions in this praxis 2 exam are well developed and reviewed in collaboration with practicing high school Biology teachers, teacher-educators, and higher education content specialists to keep the test updated.


Questions are about concepts, terms, phenomena, methods, applications, data analysis, and problem solving in Biology, and it also include and understanding of the impact of science and technology on the environment and human affairs. Examinees may encounter questions that are more advance in nature. Using of calculators in the examination is not needed. This exam will cost the examinee $80.


This exam covers 6 content categories: basic principles of science; molecular and cellular biology; genetics and evolution; diversity of life, plants and animals; ecology; and science, technology and society.


Nature of Science: Scientific Inquiry, Methodology, Techniques, and History


This is the first category of the PRAXIS II Biology Content Knowledge 5235 exam and it is 14% of the overall test questions. Topics in this area include processes involved in scientific inquiry; different disciplines in science; differences among facts, hypotheses, theories, and laws; scientific ideas and the contribution made by many historical figures; appropriate use of scientific measurement and notation systems; proper interpretation of data; use of scientific models; and safe use of laboratory equipment.


Molecular and Cellular Biology


This is 20% of the overall questions in the praxis II exam. This area have questions involving chemical structures and properties of biologically important molecules, biological processes, structure and function of enzymes, biochemical pathways, differences between prokaryotes and eukaryotes, regulation of gene expression, protein synthesis, structure and function of nucleic acids, and the structure and function of cells and organelles.


Classical Genetics and Evolution


Approximately 20% of the overall questions will be about Mendel’s law, Non-Mendelian inheritance, genetic variation, mutations, principles of Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium, mechanisms of evolution, evidence that support evolution, models of evolutionary rates, and factors that leads to extinction of species.


Diversity of Life, Plants, and Animals


This field of the praxis II exam has the highest percentage value which is 20% of the overall questions. Examinees should study and review on topics such as biological classification, major animal phyla, hierarchy of organisms, characteristics of plant divisions, plant and animal reproductive strategies, and how plants store and transport products of photosynthesis.


Ecology: Organisms and Environments


Ecology talks about the hierarchical structure of the biosphere, models of population growth, components of an ecosystem, energy flow in the environment, biogeochemical cycles, and the like. It is 16% of the overall examination.


Science, Technology, and Social Perspectives


Questions on the impact of science and technology on the environment is one topic in this last category of the PRAXIS II Biology Content Knowledge 5235 exam. The 10% of the examination are questions about this area. Furthermore, it includes questions about the impact of human activity and natural phenomena on society, societal impacts associated with the management of natural resources, and it also covers the ethical and societal issues arising from the use of science and technology.


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