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Praxis II Art: Content Knowledge (0134 and 5134) Exam

An Overview of the Art 5134 Teaching Test | Other Art Teaching Exams Are 0133, 0312, 0135, and 5135


The Content and Knowledge 5134 Exam is a test required by any states for graduates who are seeking certification as an art teacher. The exam runs for 2 hours and consists of 120 multiple-choice questions. The Art Content and Knowledge (5134) is the computer-delivered test. Other than the delivery method, there is no difference between the Praxis II teaching tests. Contents are both the same for both test codes. By taking these exams candidates are being evaluated by their licensing states for the sole purpose of determining whether the test takers have the knowledge, skills and abilities that are of great importance in the delivery of great quality of education to the students in the Unites States. The Art: Content Knowledge 5134 Printed Study System can help you determine what you need for the test. Aside from the 5134, there is also another exam that is computer-delivered and that is the 5135. But, there are also art exams that are paper-delivered and those are the 0131, 0133, 0312 and 0315!



Test Sections and Descriptions on Content Knowledge 14 | 2015 Exam

I. Art Making


The first part on the exam comprises 76 items that are covers General knowledge in Art and Media processes, in this section a candidate should be able to:


o    Differentiate elements of art and principles of visual organization in application to two-dimensional and three-dimensional media.

o    Know various historical methods (golden mean, hierarchal organization, etc.) and contemporary approaches (juxtaposition, appropriation, transformation, etc.).

o    Understand safety precautions and procedures in issues related to art materials and art processes.

o    Identifies materials and techniques used in drawing, painting and printmaking

o    Apprehend the methods of digital photography and image processing.

o    Recognize materials, tools and processes for videography, filmmaking, sculpture making, basketry, paper making and jewelry making.

o    Comprehend the physical aspects and effective ways of presenting artwork.


II. Historical and Theoretical Foundations of Art


The second segment of the exam which would make up the remaining 44 items of the overall total items that comprises 36%, the coverage of this part are the Materials and Processes in an Art Historical Context, The Western Tradition in Art History, the Art Beyond the Western Tradition, and Responding to Art. Candidates are being assessed if they are able to:

o    Identifies characteristics, differences and similarities of materials, processes and techniques within an art historical context.

o    Know the vocabulary of two-dimensional and three-dimensional processes within art historical context.

o    Name and categorize the styles of art and architecture in accordance with the following time periods: Prehistory; Egypt and the Ancient Near East; Ancient Greece and Rome; Early Christian; Byzantine and Medieval Periods; the Renaissance; the Baroque; 18th through 20th centuries in Europe and North America; and Contemporary Art.

o    Analyze the interrelationship between art and social factors, cultural context, and events.

o    Classify works of art and architecture by regions / cultures in Asia, Africa, the Americas, and the South Pacific region.

o    Understand the major theories of art and aesthetics


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