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The Art Content and Analysis Exam is one amongst the series of American Teacher Certification Exams written and administered by the Educational Testing Service. In some states, in order to be a Certified Licensed  Teacher, candidates are mandated to take and pass the  Content and Analysis (5135) test as it is a way for their Licensing States to measure the art teacher’s level of competency based on their knowledge, skills and abilities about the study of Art. The test has a duration of 2 hours of which would be composed of 85 Multiple-Choice Questions for Part A and 3 Constructed-Response Questions for Part B.

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Points To Be Taken Note Of On The 5135 Test 14 | 2015


General and Media Processes of Art Making


This is Part A of the exam and is approximately consisting of 55 items which tantamount to 48% of the overall first part of the test.  Candidate must be able to know and understand how to comprehend principles and elements of design, apprehend elements of art principles and of visual organization as applied to two-dimensional and three-dimensional media, identify historical methods (golden mean, hierarchical) and contemporary approaches (juxtaposition, appropriation), and must grasp the importance of the safety procedures and precautions in the process of using art materials and tools.


Historical and Theoretical Foundations of Art


This section concludes the First Part of the Content and Analysis Exam. The portion of this segment has an estimation of 30 items which covers the 27% of the overall test. This part assesses the Candidates knowledge on the materials, processes and techniques that were being used within the historical context of Art. It further examines if the Candidate is able to identify different styles of art and architecture of different time periods (Prehistory, Egypt, Ancient Greece, Byzantine, the Renaissance, the Baroque). Along with its coverage is also about displaying understanding to art beyond the Western Tradition (Asia, Africa, the Americas) and being able to respond to art with having awareness of the major theories of art and aesthetics.


Art Analysis


Finally, the last fragment that constitutes to the remaining 25% of the overall totality of the exam. The last section is made up of 3 constructed-response questions that are being divided between a 15-minute question that would evaluate the Candidates knowledge and understanding on the Historical and Theoretical Foundations of Art and two 10-minute questions gauging on the comprehension and awareness of the art teachers in art making.


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