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ABOUT THE ART SUBJECT Tests Content Knowledge and Analysis


The Art subject assessment exam is one of the subject tests under the Praxis II teaching certification test series. It is only one of the many subject tests in the Praxis II exam series. This teaching certification test measures not only the knowledge of teacher graduates with relevance to subject-specific content knowledge, but also the general skills of the test taker in administering teaching strategies. 


5134 and 5 Teaching certification Exam Help 


Teacher graduates with a bachelor’s degree related to Art are eligible to take the Art examination.  It comes in both computer-aided and paper-based exam methods. This teaching certification test is usually administered on specific dates and the test taker has the choice to take the test at the most convenient location near you.  Tests include 5134 and 5135 content knowledge and analysis and content.


The Praxis II Art test covers a variety of topics such as painting, architecture, drawing, digital art, ceramics, sculpture, printmaking, photography and more. Basically, this teaching certification test covers a wide variety of art-related topics that is why knowledge and skills on the basic and advanced techniques about these activities is highly recommended.




Is taking the teaching licensure exam required? While not all schools require hired teachers to have a license, most schools that offer high-quality education require their teachers to have a valid teaching license. It is because earning a license by taking the Praxis II Art means that the individual is competent enough to perform the important teaching tasks and to implement teaching strategies. Furthermore, license holders have better employment opportunities compared to those who do not have a valid certification. 




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