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Taking the PRAXIS II Art: Content-Knowledge exam (0133) is a certification requirement for art teachers in some states. Candidates have two hours to answer 120 multiple-choice questions about traditions in art, architecture, design, and the making of artifacts; the making of art; and art criticism and aesthetics. Most candidates who take the PRAXIS II Art: Content-Knowledge exam have bachelor’s degrees in art education or art. Most have also completed, or are in the process of completing, student teaching. We also have other related exams under the Art subject which are 0312 and 0135 which are both paper-delivered examinations and Art 5134 and 5135 which are both computerized tests.


Scope Of The Praxis II Agriculture 0133 Exam


Traditions in Art, Architecture, Design, and the Making of Artifacts


This portion of the PRAXIS II Art: Content-Knowledge exam consists of approximately 43 questions and constitutes 36 percent of the test.  Questions primarily focus on art terms; styles, techniques, concepts, and elements in art; Western as well as non-Western art periods; significant artists and their influences; art movements and schools; the relationship between art and culture; and the impact of economics, politics, and technology on art.


The Making of Art


This section of the PRAXIS II Art: Content-Knowledge test contains approximately 47 questions or 39 percent of the exam.  Questions focus on the complicated process of crafting two and three-dimensional works of art. Some questions also deal with the materials and tools used in designing and creating such works of art, as well as the safety factors involved in their production.


Art Criticism and Aesthetics


The section of the PRAXIS II Art: Content-Knowledge exam concerning art criticism and aesthetics consists of approximately 30 questions (25 percent of the test). Subjects include the terminology used in discourse about traditional elements in art; fundamental design principles; techniques and approaches in contemporary artwork; and the construction of art and artifacts. Questions on this portion of the PRAXIS II Art: Content-Knowledge test also deal with the connection between form and content. Furthermore, examinees must show their skill in interpreting artwork and recognizing elements that two or more given works of art share. Finally, they must demonstrate their grasp of basic art history, criticism, and aesthetics, and show that they can apply fundamental concepts in art criticism to specific works of art.


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Praxis II Art Content Knowledge 0133

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Praxis II Art Content Knowledge 0133

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