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Praxis II Art Making

An Overview Of The Praxis II Art 0131 | Learn More About Other Art Exams Like the Art 0132, 0135, 0133, 5135 and 5134


The PRAXIS 2 Art Making exam (0131) is a one-hour test consisting of two sections that contain two 5-minute exercises and two 25-minute essays. It’s usually taken by art or art education majors who are seeking teaching certification in art. Other art related exams are also found here like the art 0132, 0133 and 0135 which are all paper-delivered and those that are computerized exams are the art 5134 and 5135.


Key Points About The Praxis II 0131 Exam


Working Knowledge of Basic Art Concepts and Techniques of Art Making


The two 5-minute questions on the PRAXIS II Art Making exam make up the section entitled, “Working Knowledge of Basic Art Concepts and Techniques of Art Making.” In this portion of the test, candidates must demonstrate and/or describe fundamental skills and techniques associated with painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, ceramics, crafts, and/or digital media.


Answers are scored on a scale of 0-3. Blank, inaccurate, or off-topic responses receive zeroes. Adequate responses that employ suitable terminology and indicate basic understanding earn twos, and accurate, insightful, and detailed responses written in the language of artistic discourse receive threes. This portion of the PRAXIS 2 Art Making test is worth 24 percent of the exam score.


Documentation of Personal Art Making


For the “Documentation and Personal Art Making” portion of the PRAXIS II Art Making test, examinees must bring clear color copies of four of their own works of art. The copies must be at least 4x6 inches, and the art must be in at least two different media.


In their essay responses on the PRAXIS II Art Making exam, test-takers must write about two of these works that are in different media. Some of the topics they might be asked to discuss regarding their work include the creation process, theme, the work’s place in their artistic development, what they learned from the experience, the concepts underlying their work, and its influences.


Essay responses on the PRAXIS II Art Making test are scored on a scale of 0-5. Responses that use art terminology accurately and extensively and are in-depth, detailed, insightful, and well-organized receive fives.  Essays that earn fours also have depth, insight, and detail, and they employ appropriate terminology.  Three-level responses are adequate, accurate, and include sufficient detail. Responses earning twos are limited and lacking in adequate detail. They may also incorrectly use art terminology. Illogical and/or incomplete responses with little or no detail receive ones. Blank and off-topic answers receive zeroes. The documentation of personal art making portion of the PRAXIS II Art Making exam is worth 76 percent of the total score.


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Praxis II Art Making

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Praxis II Art Making

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